10 Tips For First Time Home Sellers

10 Tips For First Time Home Sellers


  1. Price it right: Don’t overprice your property thinking you will be able to negotiate it down. Your home could end up sitting on the market with little interest. Research similar properties in your area or hire an agent to do a Comparative Market Analysis.


  1. Make the necessary repairs: Fix the little faults before your house goes on the market. Your home should be in the best condition possible.



  1. Stage your home: A staged home often sells more quickly, and for a better price. Try to make the space as neutral and attractive as possible to a wide range of buyers.


  1. Choose the right agent: Select an agent who is familiar with your local market, has a strong track record, and is skillful in negotiation.


  1. Enhance curb appeal: First impression matters. Make sure your house is appealing from the outside by attending to landscaping and exterior maintenance.


  1. Remove personal items: Take down family photos and personal items that can distract potential buyers. They should be able to envision themselves living in the house.


  1. Be prepared for open houses: Keep your home clean and tidy for inspections.


  1. Understand the market: Before selling your home, familiarize yourself with current market conditions and trends in your area. This can help you to set a competitive price.


  1. Deep-clean your house: Invest in a professional cleaning service before listing your house. A spotless home will leave a good impression.


  1. Get a property valuation: To avoid underpricing or overpricing your home, have a professional real estate appraiser or agent conduct a home valuation to determine its current market value.


If the list above seems exhausting, there are other options. Homeinc is a company that purchases homes for cash throughout Florida and Georgia. They company purchases homes in “as-is” condition and sight unseen- meaning you can skip the updates, repairs, staging, and open houses. If you are interested in learning more about a cash offer from Homeinc, reach out to one of their agents today. (888) 850-2636.


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