3 Advantages of Working With A Cash Home Buying Company When Selling Your Florida Home

When it comes to selling your home in the Florida housing market, you have several options to consider.  You can list it with a realtor and sell it to a traditional buyer. You can sell it to an iBuyer or a house flipper. Or you can sell it to a reputable and trustworthy cash home buying company, such as Homeinc.

Here are 3 advantages of working with Homeinc when selling your property.

NO Traditional Loan Financing Complications

When selling your home for cash, you avoid several complications that may arise when selling your home traditionally through a real estate agent. You will not have to worry about the buyer backing out because their financing fell through. As the real estate market shifts, you will see tighter lending restrictions.  Homeinc already has cash and will close in as little as 5 to 7 days because we’re not at the mercy of a bank or lender.  You can sell your home faster at a competitive price, close faster, and best of all, the money is wired directly into your account.

Selling Your Home to Homeinc is Convenient

Homeinc will purchase your home “as-is.”  This means you will not have to spend money on renovations and repairs or worry about staging it for countless showings..  In addition, all commissions are paid by Homeinc. Although closing can occur in as little as 5 to 7 days, you have the option of choosing a closing date that works better for you.  At Homeinc, all closings are handled through a licensed escrow agent and title company.  Once the closing has been completed, the funds are wired directly into your bank account.

You Will Sell Your Home Faster

Selling your home in the traditional way could take up to 6 months or longer when listing it with a real estate agent or broker.  This will not work for individuals who need to sell their homes fast.  Whether you need to sell your home quickly due to financial difficulties, foreclosure, or probate, or you simply cannot afford the renovations and repairs that are needed, Homeinc can alleviate these issues by paying cash for your home and closing within 5 to 7 days.

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