3 Reasons You Should Not Sell Your Home to a Property Investor

If you are struggling financially and need to sell your home fast, you may have already researched some of your options. One option may have been to sell directly to a property investor.  While there may appear to be some short-term benefits to selling directly to an investor, there are many more downfalls that likely come along with it.

Property investors are not required to have licenses – property investors often represent themselves and not a buyer or seller.  They are not required to have a real estate license.  Some property investors are investment firms while others operate individually.  You should never agree to sell your home to a property investor without doing plenty of research about that company or person first.  Furthermore, make sure you ask about their experience and see their credentials and available funds.

Property investors will not give you fair market value for your home – in fact, they will offer you far less so that they can turn a generous profit when they resell it.  The exaggerated discount enables them to sell your home quicker.  Remember, they are going to assume the responsibility of making repairs, paying back taxes, paying closing costs, etc..  As a result, they will likely ask you to make concessions on the sale price to offset these expenses. After all, they are investing in your house because they intend to make a profit.

Beware of property investment scams – unfortunately, this industry is not immune to property investment scams.  The best way to avoid getting scammed and ripped off is by doing some thorough research of each company or individual on your list of potential buyers.  Be wary of anyone who claims to be a professional broker and associated with a reputable company but no proof of what they’re telling you exists. Ask them for their credentials as well as several references.  Additionally, see if they’re listed with the Better Business Bureau.

Why Should You Sell Your Home to Homeinc?

There are numerous reasons to sell your home to a cash-for-homes company such as Homeinc.  You’ll be working with highly experienced, licensed and knowledgeable professionals that take care of the entire process from the initial FREE property evaluation to closing.  Furthermore, you won’t have to pay any of the costs associated with the traditional real estate sales process.  That means NO closing costs and NO realtor’s commission. That means you get all the money directly into your account.

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