3 Ways to Avoid Home Buying Scams

For those of you who want to sell your home for cash quickly and safely, Homeinc is the company to work with.  A quick property evaluation is all that is required before we make you an offer.  Furthermore, we can close within 5 to 7 days or you can choose your closing date, whichever you prefer.  You won’t have to worry about any financing falling through and once the deal closes, the cash is wired directly into your account.

The Downside

If there is a downside to the home-buying industry, it’s the fact that it isn’t immune to predators and scam artists.  In many instances, these fraudulent companies appear legitimate.  If you understand the home-buying process and recognize the warning signs of a scam, you’ll be able to walk away before you lose a lot of money.

How to Spot and Avoid these Scams

  • Do your homework – the first warning sign of a home-buying scam is if you are not able to find information about the company on google or social media. Even if they have business cards and a website, you need to do more research.  Ask the person you’re dealing with to verify the company’s name, physical street address (NO P.O. Box), and telephone number.  The more information you can find, the less likely you’ll be the victim of a scam.
  • If they rush you to sign a contract, walk away – be wary if a cash home buyer seems too eager about closing the deal or hesitates if you make any reasonable requests. You need time to think things through.  Thus, if you feel that you’re being rushed into signing a contract, that’s a warning for you to back out of the deal.
  • If they start to change the deal after the contract is signed – often times home buying companies will make a deal to get you to sign the contract. Then they start to make changes to the deal and offer price. Make sure to speak up and let me them know that you will not be closing for a penny less than the agreed upon price.

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