4 Ways to Sell a Florida Home When You Have Code Violations

If you have ever received a code violation on your home or property, you already know what an unpleasant experience it can be.  But when you don’t have the finances to pay for the required repairs or upgrades, along with the fines and interest that continue to accrue every day, it just compounds the stress and the problem. Consequently, the thought of selling your home to get from under these code violations has crossed your mind more than once.  So, what do you do? Here are 4 helpful tips.

Contact Professionals Who Can Help You Address those Code Violations

Code violations are often confusing.  Thus, getting professional advice will enable you to resolve these issues sooner than later.  If you contact a local realtor for help, you can discuss the non-compliance details with them.  Most realtors have considerable experience in these areas and can negotiate with code officials and scale down those violations so you can make your home compliant prior to selling it. Homeinc has many advisors with a wealth of experience in dealing with code violations.

Determine which Code Violations are the Most Important

There are a variety of code violations that one could receive. While some are cosmetic in nature, others may be more costly and confusing to deal with.

Cosmetic violations include draining a pool that’s not in use, landscaping the property and making sure the grass is cut. More expensive violations would include anything plumbing or electrical related.

Negotiate a Deal with the Buyer so They Pay for Repairs and Upgrades

After you disclose the serious code violations to the buyer (e.g. electrical violations, fire hazards, structural damage, zoning issues, etc.), see if they would be willing to purchase the property with these violations. If that is the case, the buyer may negotiate a lower price and spend a lengthy time on inspections and appraisals.  Because Homeinc has a wealth of experience in dealing with code violations, our advisors are able to make a competitive cash offer and close when it is convenient for you.

Sell your Home “AS-IS” to a Cash-for-Houses Company

In most cases that involve multiple code violations, buyers are typically reluctant to invest their money.  If this is the case with your home, consider selling your home “AS-IS” to a cash-for-houses company like Homeinc.  With nearly 80 years of combined industry experience, Homeinc has streamlined the home-selling process in order to alleviate any sort of stress.

To learn more about selling your Florida home for cash when you have code violations, call or text Homeinc at your earliest convenience at (888) 850-2636.

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