5 Reasons to Sell Your Home to Homeinc When Facing Foreclosure

At Homeinc, we understand how facing foreclosure can be emotionally stressful and extremely disheartening.  Selling your home under this kind of pressure can be an a time-consuming process . . . unless you want to avoid foreclosure and sell it to a cash home buying specialist.  If you’re facing the foreclosure process, selling your home fast for cash can alleviate your stress and worry.  Furthermore, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that a foreclosure will not be on your credit report. And that is something to look forward to.

Selling your home for cash in order to avoid foreclosure has a number of benefits.  Still not sold on the idea? Check out the following advantages of selling your home to a cash home buyer like Homeinc:

  • Less chance of the sale falling through – selling your home for cash eliminates the possibility of the sale falling through. Homeinc will close.
  • NO repairs are required – going the traditional home selling route means your home will have to be “HGTV-worthy.” Conversely, when you sell your home directly to a cash home buying specialist, you won’t have to be concerned with deep cleanings, interior decorating, renovations, and/or repairs.
  • The process is simple and straightforward – just call or text Homeinc today at (888) 850-2636 for a FREE property analysis and a cash offer. Once the offer is in your hands, there’s only one answer required – “YES” or “NO.”  It’s just that simple.
  • You keep all the money – unlike working with a realtor, there are no closing costs, commissions, or any other fees to contend with. When you sell your home to Homeinc, you get to keep the total amount that we offer you, thereby saving you thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars overall.
  • You’ll sell your home faster – you could be waiting 6 months or longer to sell your home when listing it with a realtor. When you work with us, you’ll be selling your home directly to a cash buyer and therefore bypassing all 3rd party charges and fees.  If you’re facing foreclosure, Homeinc can help alleviate any stress and anxiety with our stress-free and straightforward process.

Click here to learn more about the Homeinc cash-for-home process or if you prefer, call or text us today at (888) 850-2636. Our business representatives are here to help you  and will walk you through the process.

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