5 Reasons Why Selling a Home in Florida Is a Good Idea

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Homeinc experts impart 5 reasons why selling a home in Florida is a good idea in 2023. Homeinc is a Florida-based cash home buying company that purchases homes throughout Florida and Georgia. With cash home sales on the rise, Homeinc’s experts are providing their insights as to why such ventures are the way to go in 2023.


Making the decision to sell a home in today’s market is challenging, but it can prove lucrative when done well. In Florida, where home values remain highly competitive, having access to buyers is often one of the more challenging aspects of selling. For some, selling for cash simply makes sense.

List or Sell for Cash?

Homeowners looking to move or sell real estate can still list on the open market, wait for a buyer, negotiate the terms, and close as is traditionally done. Yet today’s market conditions mean the process will likely be more challenging than it was just a few years ago. Mortgage rates are higher, there are more homes for sale, and the economy is struggling. Those factors put pressure on sellers who want a fast, efficient process.

What does it mean to sell a home for cash?

You don’t have to list your home on the market. Alternatively, you can sell it for cash to an investor or other party. Selling for cash often means working with a property investor who purchases and updates the home before turning it into a rental or reselling it on the market.
You might find someone buying for cash who plans to move into the home. In this case, the buyer might want to skip the mortgage application process or avoid interest. In exchange, they’re often more aggregable to the terms and conditions you set.

Selling for cash could present numerous benefits depending on the transaction details. Consider the following benefits of selling a home for cash in Florida.

#1: It’s Faster

One of the most valuable reasons to sell a home for cash in Florida is because it’s faster. Economic data shows that it took about 65 days for a home to sell across the state in February of 2023, with some areas selling faster than others. That number might not factor in the entire length of the closing process.

Cash buying is faster, often enabling a close within a matter of weeks. Listing may not offer the speed it once did for those who want to move quickly or need to get out from under a loan in less than two weeks. Homes just don’t sell as quickly as they did in 2020 and 2021.

Selling your home faster means a few things. You don’t have to continue to make mortgage payments month after month, and you can move into your new home sooner. Plus, you can eliminate ongoing utility costs and taxes associated with the property. You also don’t have to keep spending money on home insurance.

More so, selling a home for cash means you paid sooner, making it possible to apply the money to a down payment on your next home.

#2: No Updates Needed

Many of today’s homebuyers want valuable investments that don’t require a lot of updating or modernizing. They may not want to invest a lot of money into home improvement, including tasks like replacing flooring, updating wall colors, or repairing a roof leak. They want a ready-to-move-into space. For the seller, that means any home listed on the market needs to be in good overall condition.

That’s worrisome for homeowners who don’t want to spend money to update, clean up, and modernize their properties. Buyers expect more, but that comes at a higher price. Selling it for cash alleviates this concern. No updates are needed. The home is purchased as-is for what it’s worth, no matter what needs to be repaired.

#3: Lower Closing Costs

Closing costs, on average, range from 3% to 6% of the home’s sell price. In some transactions, sellers pay a portion of the closing costs, which means money comes out of the sale price. While the buyer typically covers most of the closing costs when they use a mortgage lender, a cash purchase eliminates most of those expenses. That doesn’t mean closing costs don’t exist for sellers. Sellers may pay a portion of real estate agent commissions and taxes. However, in a cash transaction, those costs are typically much lower.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about factoring closing costs into the negotiation. In a competitive real estate market like much of Florida, home sellers may have to offer incentives, such as splitting closing costs, to encourage buyers. That’s not something you need to think about when selling the property for cash.

#4: The Selling Process Is Simplified

If you decide to sell for cash to an investor, you’ll enjoy a streamlined, easy process. You avoid the complicated process of getting the home listed on the market. You don’t have to find a photographer or pay for videography services. Investors paying cash deal directly with the home seller, eliminating any need for marketing the home.

You don’t have to manage home showings. Without any doubt, it’s frustrating for busy families without a lot of flexibility to leave the home several times a day so an agent can show it.

You don’t have to worry about a home inspection spotting dozens of problems. That means you also don’t have to worry about a lender refusing to lend on the home because of those problems.

There’s no need to clean up, declutter, reorganize, or do anything more than pack up your items. The cash buyer will handle the entire renovation process for you. Don’t worry about a homebuyer’s offer falling through due to a lack of credit qualifications or lenders pulling back. Unlike a mortgage, a cash sale doesn’t require a third party to approve the transaction.

In many ways, selling for cash is just simpler. In a stressful home-buying market like today’s, finding a simpler, less stressful approach to selling a home is essential for some people. You absolutely need to be able to move on with your life without constantly facing new struggles, concerns, or limitations from the real estate market.

#5: The Seller Dictates the Terms

Perhaps one of the most notable reasons why you should sell your home for cash is that you remain in control. Though cash buyers can make requests, ultimately, it is up to you to set the terms for the sale.
You determine, for example, how fast the close happens. If you need 30 to 45 days to move out, you can add that to the contract and negotiate with the buyer. Other times, you may want the transaction to close within a few weeks. If the cash buyer cannot do that, they don’t move forward with the transaction.

Negotiations can still happen, but the seller has a lot more control when they don’t have to wait and hope for a buyer to come along. You can dictate terms related to the entire process. Buyers can accept them and move forward, or they can decide to look elsewhere for a property. Since many cash buyers are investors, many can access funds sooner, minimizing the risk of delays and enhancing the deals they offer.

How Homeinc Works to Support Your Sale

Selling a home means moving on with your life. At Homeinc, we work to make that process as easy as possible for you. When you want to consider the options for selling for cash, simply request a quote from us. When you call or text your information, you receive a competitive cash offer within minutes. You can determine if that offer fits your needs and, if so, move forward. If that’s the case, Homeinc can close on your home within as little as five days or on a timeline that works for you. It’s fast, completely safe, and puts you in charge.

Contact Homeinc today 1-888-850-2636 to learn more about how selling your home for cash may work for you. Get the peace of mind that’s hard to find in today’s real estate market.

 5 Reasons Why Selling a Home in Florida Is a Good Idea

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