6 simple fixes that will increase the value of your property

6 simple fixes that will increase the value of your property

Walls of your property!
The walls speak a lot about the state of the property, they are something like love at first sight. If you are thinking of selling your apartment, it is important that you consider painting the walls, this includes repairing all imperfections that have as cracks or fissures. A tip? Choose a clear and neutral color, as these types of shades allow you to better glimpse the spaces and, give a sense of peace and tranquility.

Check the kitchen and bathroom to increase the value of your property!
A good lighting, the number of rooms, the price…In addition to these factors, buyers pay a lot of attention to the condition of these two spaces. How to improve their appearance? Choose small modifications that will make the difference such as: repair water leaks, remove grease stains, change shower nozzles, remove waste from the sink and perform a deep cleaning of these spaces.

Has your cat or dog scratched the doors? It’s best to have them repaired. In addition to being visually unattractive, scratches do not make a good impression on the care of the property.
Outdoor spaces in your property
Unforgettable are picnic evenings or dinners with a starry night, right? If your home has a garden or balcony, take advantage of them, and invest in these spaces. How? Decorate them with plants or flowers. Illuminate them with extensions of special lights for these spaces or condition them with some furniture. ¡ The key is to make these spaces magical and pleasant places.

Glass and carpets!
Your son took out his football skills and broke some windows?
In addition to replacing them, it is important that you clean the windows of the property very well. On the other hand, pay attention to the carpets or the floor of the property; if necessary, clean and remove the stains and in the case of the floors, enclose them. On many occasions, the first impression counts!

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