Are You Moving For A New Job And Need To Sell Your Home Fast?

Thus, you’ve landed that job you have been waiting for.  Congratulations!  There is just one problem.  The job is halfway across the US from Florida and you have less than 2 weeks to report to your new employer.  You are going to have to sell your home and sell it quickly.  However, you have never been in this position before and have no idea what your options are.  Here are a few suggestions that might help:

Inquire about relocation packages – some companies will pay to relocate you and will offer one of the four following options:

  • All-inclusive lump sum packages
  • Executive relocation package (for upper-management personnel)
  • Relocation bonus in addition to a standard relocation package
  • Relocation reimbursement
  • Company home purchase prior to relocation

Hire a real estate agent or broker – although this is the traditional way to sell your home, it may not be your best option when working with a tight timeline.  It could take up to 6 months or longer to sell your home this way. Agents may insist on home updates, repairs and and staging before listing- this will also eat up precious time. And then there are real estate agent commissions in addition to other fees that accompany the traditional real estate transaction. These requests and costs will add up and take time.

Rent out your home – while this is a good option for generating additional income, living halfway across the country from the home can be a problem when managing the rental and the tenants. This option could cost you more than it’s worth to rent out because you will have to hire a property management team to collect the rent and maintain the property.

Sell your home to a house flipper or iBuyer – while these options will enable a faster sale of your home, there are not your best option either.  Experience and knowledge often vary with house flippers while iBuyers (“instant” or “internet” buyers, depending on who you talk to) make a sight unseen offer on a home but lower the offer after seeing it.  Furthermore, reputability can be an issue since not all of these entities follow a shared code of ethics.

Sell your home to Homeinc and close within 5 to 7 days – selling your home has never been easier than it is when you work with us. Homeinc has helped thousands of sellers achieve their goals. If your relocation timeline is a short one, this is the perfect option for selling your home and reporting to your new employer on time.

For more information about selling your home fast for cash or to schedule a FREE property analysis and evaluation, call or text us today at (888) 850-2636.

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