Can You Sell Your Florida Home when it has Termites?

Like it or not, termites are often an issue for many Florida homeowners.  Let’s be realistic for a moment.  No one wants to live in a home if a termite problem exists, nor does anyone want to buy a home with this type of infestation.  Unfortunately, Florida has some of the worst termite problems imaginable.  And if you think that your house cannot be sold, think again. It is possible to sell a home when there is a termite issue.  But first, let’s make sure that you have an actual termite infestation.

6 Telltale Signs that Indicate a Termite Infestation

A professional inspection will help determine if termites are present and the extent of the damage they may have caused already.  Although trying to determine if you have a termite problem can be a challenge for the untrained individual, there are 6 telltale signs that your home may be infested.

  • Clicking noises and hollow wood – termites typically make a monotonous clicking sound when communicating with one another. If your wood has been hollowed out by these critters, it will make a thud sound when you tap on your walls.
  • Frass – this is another term for termite droppings and is visual evidence that you have a termite problem in your home.
  • Mud tubes – subterranean termites build underground tunnels that resemble mud tubes. Chances are you have termites or a new colony has moved into your home if you can see these.
  • Peeling paint – termites will start eating the drywall in your home when they attack the structural wood used in its construction. This enables moisture to seep in and causes the paint on your walls to peel.
  • Swarms – termites will shed their wings after swarming and leave them in large piles. Any evidence of this could indicate a significant infestation.
  • Visual confirmation – if you physically see swarming or worker termites lying around your home, then you have a large termite problem.

If you choose to have the termites removed before putting your home on the market, be sure to keep all the proper documentation related to this such as bills and invoices, home inspection before and after removal and repairs and the original termite report.

If you don’t want to deal with clearing up the termite damage and infestation…

If you are not up for dealing with the hassle of your termite damage and infestation, there is an option to sell. Homeinc purchases homes as-is, including homes infested and damaged by termites. Call the professionals at Homeinc today to find out more about the process- (888) 850-2636.


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