Cash In On Your Homes’ Equity!

Home Equity

It may be time to cash in on your home’s equity!

The median value of homes in Florida has grown by 23.9% in the last 12 months.  Over the past 5 years home values in Florida have increased by nearly 69%!  If you live in the state of Florida, all people are talking about.. is how much their homes are worth and how much they have made on their investments.  Many homeowners are wanting to cash in on the equity they have gained.  However, The problem is that people are wanting to sell their property without a solid plan in place.

I speak with sellers daily who are excited to sell their property, but do not have any idea of what comes afterwards.  Here are 2 things you should think about before considering selling your home.

Do I have a place to go?

This seems like a commonsense question, but in this case, many potential sellers are putting the cart before the horse..  I have spoken with countless people wanting to sell their home. Once the future is brought up, the conversation gets very quiet.  I recommend doing some research on where you want to live. Can you afford to buy or rent after the sale of the property?  There is very little inventory available in Florida, no matter what area you are looking in!  Rental rates are through the roof!  They are often considerably more than most homeowner’s current mortgage payments.

Does my home qualify for a retail transaction? 

Often homeowners believe that once they decide to sell, their property will fly off the shelf without investing in maintenance or updates.  This is false.  If you are wanting top dollar for your home, you must have it up to 2022 standards. If the interior is from the 1990’s, you will not be able to compete with many of the other homes in your market.  The housing market in 2022 is more competitive than it has ever been.  Homebuyers are picky and will not settle for dated kitchens, bathrooms, flooring or a roof that needs to be replaced.  Hurricane impact windows and doors are a must in this market.  Can you afford to update your property? Are you willing to be patient and wait for quality contractors to be able to schedule your project? Make sure your expectations match what the house is.

In conclusion, I can offer you a solution. Homeinc provides competitive cash offers without requiring any updates. This will save you time and money in the long run. Interested in finding out more? We have agents on call 24/7 to answer questions and help you determine what your property is worth. Call or text us today for a no-risk, free property analysis. 1-888-850-2636. Or, reach out to us on our website Homeinc.

Thomas has been working in real estate for over two years and has been a valued Homeinc advisor for the past year. Thomas is the best of the best when it comes to helping customers achieve their goals. He loves his coworkers and the dynamic work environment at Homeinc. In his free time, Thomas enjoys spending time with his fiancé, raising fruit trees and exploring new places. We are so glad that he joined the team this year!!

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