Company Culture and my Journey to Skydive Nationals 2022

Not many people know, but whenever I am not buying and selling Real Estate or racking my brain on  technology solutions, I am jumping out of perfectly operating airplanes for fun! This hobby – which I take super seriously – has been my passion since my first Tandem Jump, back in 2008. From that moment on, I have been hooked up to this beautiful, challenging sport called Skydiving.

It is funny to think how both my favorite Sport and my Real Estate career have so many things in common, and how learning from one can help with the other – and it goes both ways! Here at Homeinc we thrive for excellence, delivering high-performance results, team building, and creating a positive culture in our day-to-day operation, all essential aspects of Skydiving, especially when it involves a competitive team, which is the case with the discipline I specialize in (Formation Skydive – 4 way).


At Homeinc, we have a highly qualified team of specialists that are always looking to find the best solutions for our clients from contract to closing, which will save them time and money, as much as in my Skydiving team we have heavily trained athletes focusing in performing their best and pushing for the highest scores, all while making sure all individuals involved are safe, from takeoff to landing.

Well, this year gifted me with my biggest challenge in the Sport so far: competing in the Skydive Nationals 2022, the largest and most competitive Skydiving event in the US, hosted in Chicago, IL. Being in a competitive team required long months of preparation (we have done over 150 jumps and about 8 hours of wind tunnel training), which involved not only my personal commitment but also understanding from my family on having me gone for almost every weekend this year.



What a journey it was! Nine long months of intense training ended up leading our team to be one of the top 10 teams in the discipline of 4 way in the entire nation. All due to the focus we had through training and skills we acquired to perform at peak,  and the time came. Some of the biggest lessons I took out of it was: in order to build a strong team, we had to set strong team foundations in:

  • Team Building
  • Personal Dynamics
  • Intense/Consistent Discipline on training routines
  • Develop Trust and Camaraderie among team members
  • Focused Mindset (Have a goal and work on milestones to get there)
  • Respect towards all of our fellow Skydivers, Coaches, and Sponsors
  • Mental Toughness  to keep high-performance scores
  • High awareness of surroundings (Foundation of Extreme Sports)
  • Assertive Communication (Play by Key not by Rhythm)


It gets easy to draw a comparison between these aspects and Homeinc’s most valued and trained skills:

  • Team Playing – We all work together to deliver the best service to our community.
  • High-energy Environment – We are fast-paced and open to creativity and people with good energy!
  • Intense Discipline and Focus – Required for putting deals together for our clients and helping them solve problems. We are always ready to cater solutions to all sorts of scenarios.
  • Respect for Every Business Relationship – We value relationships, no matter who’s on the other side of the negotiation table, working with ethics and moral values above all else.
  • Deep Knowledge of The Market – We keep our agents sharp on Data Analysis, and we have ongoing updates and courses that will keep every professional at Homeinc up to date with Market Trends and Moves in order to best serve our customers with the best insights.
  • Open/Transparent Communication to team members and clients – “Communication is Key” –  generating a knowledgeable environment in which our clients and investors are informed of every important aspect of a deal, from beginning to end. As a team, we need to play fast and to be strong, keeping partners and clients updated about every step of each transaction.

Being part of such a challenge was a humbling experience that I could not be more thankful for! I am not able to express my full gratitude to my teammates @anionfluxxp, our coach @skyleague, and, of course, to @homeinc  for believing in this crazy project and sponsoring us from the very beginning! Additional thanks to @skydivesebastian @paracletexp @aerodyne @intrudeair for also supporting us, and to my incredible family. This journey would not have been possible without all your support.



Discipline, Respect, and Commitment have brought us all here, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Blue Skies,


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