Coronavirus: Should I Sell My Home During a Pandemic?

While selling your home during the COVID-19 pandemic may not sound like a great idea, it can make good sense if you have the right buyer and can sell it without using the traditionally long and difficult home sale process. This is especially true if you are under financial pressure to pay your mortgage or have other expensive bills associated with your property. As you know, many people have lost their jobs or are working reduced hours making it increasingly difficult to meet their financial obligations in a timely manner. Unfortunately, these bills do not disappear as we wait for better times, especially if COVID-19 causes the US economy to dip further or slide into recession.

Obtaining deferrals on mortgage payments offered during the pandemic may delay the immediate problem of paying for your home, but these payments will still come due soon – along with their accumulated interest. For homes that require costly repairs to make them attractive for sale in the traditional home-buying market, these issues worsen quickly with time and can become even bigger obstacles to selling such properties.

Waiting for realtors to be able to show homes in person and for potential buyers to be comfortable visiting them may take a while. You may not be able to wait around for that to happen. And even when that does eventually happen, there could easily be a glut of homes for sale in your local market.

If your financial situation has become increasingly dire in the last few months, perhaps you are considering filing bankruptcy in the hopes that this will provide some relief. However, this leaves quite a mark on your credit history and really takes a toll on your financial future. In case you’re considering this because you think it’s a fast fix, it’s not an easy process to go through emotionally or mentally and it can be a rather long process as well.

You can avoid all of these issues by contacting the professional home buyers at Homeinc and selling your home for cash quickly and hassle-free. The entire process can take as little as five days, even in the middle of a pandemic. When you call or text us at (888) 850-2636, and team up with an experienced acquisition manager who will discuss your property information with you and provide you with an analysis of what it is worth. As part of this process, we will consider your home’s age, whether it needs repairs, any complications in its ownership (i.e., liens, code violations, etc.) and its position within the market. Once you receive our cash offer, should you decide to accept it, your contract will be sent to you. It clearly states we are purchasing the home “as-is” so you no longer have to worry about repairs, liens, structural issues, etc. The last decision you need to make is choosing the closing date.

For your peace of mind, all Homeinc closings are handled through a licensed title company and escrow agent. You will not have any closing costs or pay any commission. At closing, the cash for your property is wired directly into your bank account. Selling your property to Homeinc means you sell faster, close faster, and keep more money from the sale than you would if you were working with a real estate agent. Contact us today and let’s discuss selling your property despite being in the middle of a pandemic.

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