Forced to Sell? Here’s What You Can Do

Many homeowners are faced with an immediate need to sell their homes due to any number of adverse circumstances. These forced sales are often stressful and can be caused by such occurrences as imminent foreclosure on the home, job loss resulting in an inability to pay the home’s mortgage, a divorce, illness, or death.

If you are forced to sell your home, you will likely have two top priorities: speed in the process and the ability to make as much money as possible from the sale. Also, you will likely not want to do any costly and time-consuming repairs on the property or handle any liens against it. For these reasons, going the route of working with a realtor to sell your home may not deliver on your priorities. It takes time to prepare a home to sell on the market, list it, and show the property – often multiple times. Plus, realtors take hefty commissions from the sale’s proceeds. Additionally, many realtors will not want to sell a home that needs significant repairs due to code violations, has liens against it, or probate issues.

To sell your home quickly without doing repairs, handling lien issues, or paying realtor commissions, you will probably want to work with a reputable cash buyer who can handle the sale in one of two ways, a short sale or a home sale for cash.

  • Short Sale – This involves a sale of the home in which the net proceeds of the transaction will be less than what is owed in debts that have been secured against the property – such as a mortgage. It requires the approval of all the home’s lien holder(s) and can sometimes be accomplished quickly with the right cash buyer and without the involvement of a realtor.
  • Home Sale for Cash – In this type of transaction, you work with a cash buyer who purchases your home “as-is”. You sell and close faster than you would in a realtor-driven sale, and you keep more of your home sale’s proceeds.

When you work with an experienced and reputable cash buyer like Homeinc, you only need to follow a few quick steps to complete a forced and quick sale of your home for cash.

  1. Call or text us at (888) 850-2636. You will speak with an experienced acquisition manager right away. The goal is to understand your home’s situation and your goals for its sale.
  2. Receive a free property analysis on your home that includes a valuation on the home taking into consideration its age, repairs needed, ownership complications, and market position. You will also receive a real cash offer for your home that you are under no obligation to accept. When you agree to the Homeinc cash offer, we will email, express mail, or hand-deliver your contract to you – whatever is your preference. Homeinc purchases your home as-is and will handle repairs, code violations and liens, and any probate costs.
  3. To complete the sale, you will choose the closing date. This can be in as few as 5 days. The money is immediately wired directly into your bank account. There are no closing costs or commissions to pay. All closings are handled through a licensed title company and escrow agent.


If you are in a situation where you are forced to sell your home, call or text Homeinc at (888) 850-2636 to discuss a free property analysis and cash offer on your home.

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