Growing Your Real Estate Business with Marketing

Growing your real estate business with marketing is a very simple, yet important task if you want to reach more people and build a bigger clientele. Here are some tips you can start to incorporate today:

  1. Build Your Website
    There’s many sites you can use to create your own page. Some are free and some others charge a fee. You can make a decision depending on how much you’re willing to invest and what tools you might need to build it, but having a website is crucial since most home buyers start their research online.
  2. Start a blog
    Creating a blog like Homeinc’s, that contains relevant topics that are specific to your business is a great way to attract traffic for your website and therefore reach more potential clients.
  3. Create a mail campaign
    Although creating digital marketing campaigns is a great way to expand your business, you might be surprised by the effect that old-school marketing still has today. receiving something in the mail provides an extra value that tends to leave a larger impression than a newsletter in their inbox.
  4. Connect with your clients
    You want your clients to have a great experience because if they do, they’ll most likely want to recommend you to other people and that is the best and most organic marketing strategy. So, connect with people regularly, not always just for business, but also to see how they are doing as a human first.
  5. Invest time in social media
    Having a presence in social media is a crucial strategy to make your business grow since most of your clients are already using social media platforms and you can use this as an advantage to stay on people’s minds, even if it’s subconsciously. Regularly posting interesting and valuable content ensures that when people are looking to buy or sell their homes, they identify you as the first person that they want to work with.

Marilis brings a wealth of knowledge in both social media management and digital marketing. We look forward to Marilis adding value in all areas of communication and marketing. Marilis recently graduated with her BS in Communications. Fun Fact: She has a wildly successful YouTube channel.

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