Housing Inventory Still Below Pre-Pandemic Levels

Housing Inventory Still Below Pre-Pandemic Levels

The housing market has experienced a significant shift, with active inventory increasing by 30% from April 2023 to April 2024, according to Realtor.com. Despite this boost, current inventory levels are still 35% below the pre-pandemic figures of April 2019. This limited recovery is influenced by higher mortgage rates and affordability issues, preventing larger price corrections.

Regionally, inventory changes vary widely. Nevada, for instance, saw a 12% decrease in active listings, contrasting sharply with Florida’s 64% increase. Florida’s surge is largely attributed to the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, which caused extensive property damage, leading to more homes on the market due to necessary renovations and elevated insurance costs.

In the Midwest and Northeast, inventory remains particularly tight, contributing to ongoing price increases despite the overall rise in available homes. Many markets continue to see price growth, highlighting regional disparities in the housing market’s recovery.

The data suggests that while some areas are seeing a softening of market conditions, others remain highly competitive. Homeowners in regions with increased inventory might find more opportunities, while those in tighter markets may still face challenges.

Source: https://www.realtor.com/

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