How Do You Sell a House for Cash?

Selling a house for cash provides a much-needed solution for anyone looking to sell their home fast. Although at first, it may seem to be too good to be true, if you work with a reputable cash buyer, it really can be the answer you’ve been searching for. The first step in successfully selling your home for cash is to have an understanding of all aspects of the process.

What is a cash buyer?

A cash buyer has the money to pay for your home without having to finance the transaction with a mortgage or any other type of loan. Some cash buyers purchase properties to “flip” them which involves buying your home at a steep discount and fixing any cosmetic or other issues before quickly selling it. Others will buy homes as long-term investments, to rent them out on an ongoing basis.

How do I find a reputable cash buyer?

While cash buyers can be found by searching online, you will want to narrow your list to those with experience in your market and assets available to purchase homes that they can demonstrate. They should have a track record of having closed many transactions, be able to show that they have the money to close on the sale of your home and show you the contract they use for sales.

The professionals at Homeinc have been buying homes for cash for a long time – a combined 70 years to be exact. They have proof positive of successful cash sales, satisfied customers, and assets available to make the purchase.

How does selling a house for cash work?

Depending on the cash buyer you are working with, the process of selling your home for cash can differ – with some transactions being more complex and others easier to complete. What all cash deals have in common, however, is that you avoid the process of listing your home with a realtor and all of the tasks and expenses that normally involves.

Homeinc has a reputation for making the sale of your home for cash easy, quick, and professionally executed. Many of our clients complete the sale of their homes within as few as five days.

The first step is to call or text us at (888) 850-2636 so you can speak with our highly experienced acquisition manager. We will ask some questions about your home and then analyze what it is worth. Our analysis considers your home’s age, whether it needs repairs, any complications in its ownership or title, and its position within your local market. This professional analysis is completely free of cost to you. You will receive a real cash offer for your property within minutes, and you are not obligated to accept it. If you choose to accept Homeinc’s cash offer, we send you a contract in whatever way is most convenient for you (email, express mail, or hand delivery). The contract specifies that Homeinc is buying your property “as-is.” We will do all the repairs and handle any code violations and liens.

Your final step in the Homeinc cash sale of your home starts with your choosing the closing date for the transaction. All Homeinc closings are handled through a licensed title company and escrow agent. You will not have any closing costs or pay any commission. At closing, the cash for your property is wired directly into your bank account.

Why Should You Sell to Homeinc?

When you sell a house for cash to Homeinc, you sell faster and close faster than when you work with a traditional realtor which means you don’t need to account for carrying costs, repair costs, real estate commissions, etc. In the end, you keep more money from the sale of your home when you sell your home to Homeinc.

If you’re asking yourself why you should sell your house to Homeinc, we have answers. Our free property analysis provides you with an understanding of your home’s market position given its age and other factors. As professional home buyers, we offer flexible terms and can accommodate long closings, taking property with tenants, liens, violations, and more. Homeinc has a policy of paying top dollar for every home we purchase, and we eliminate unnecessary fees like commissions, closing costs, probate fees, and more. Within minutes of Homeinc’s completion of your home analysis, you will receive a competitive and real cash offer based on our valuation of the property. You are under no obligation to accept the offer – there are no tricks or gimmicks when you work with professionals.


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