How to Ensure a Faster Sale for Your Winter Park Home

How to Ensure a Faster Sale for Your Winter Park Home

Life's challenges can come at you in a flash. A sudden, drastic change in your life circumstances
might force you to pull up roots and move to another city, state, or country. An unanticipated
financial crisis might leave you strapped for liquid assets and needing a sizable cash injection.
Whatever the reason, you may have to sell your home quickly.

Until recently, the boom in home sales might have made a quick closing somewhat easier to
achieve. However, as this seller's market slows, that quick closing becomes less of a sure thing.
When you also consider that the winter months are the traditional slow season for home sales,
you need to understand how to leapfrog over many common obstacles to sell your home quickly
and get cash in hand as soon as possible.
Let's take a look at this potentially tricky situation in more detail so you can choose the easiest
way to sell your Winter Park home ASAP — and receive a cash offer.
Common Roadblocks to a Quick Closing for Your Winter Park Home
Even in a red-hot seller's market, selling a home usually involves many steps in a potentially
frustrating process. Typically, a seller must overcome the following hurdles:
 Finding the right listing agent
 Listing the property at the right price for the neighborhood and current marketplace
 Creating a marketing plan to promote the sale
 Getting the home appraised and inspected
 Cleaning, staging, updating and repairing the property to make it attractive to buyers
 Arranging for multiple showings
 Negotiating the price with the buyer for the purchase agreement
 Dealing with buyer’s lenders
 Completing the close
Various roadblocks can stand in the way of a quick closing. For instance, if your asking price
exceeds the home's appraised value, a contingency clause in your buyer's offer may allow the
buyer to cancel the sale. If your buyer can't obtain a mortgage promptly, you might need to
cancel the sale and start over with another buyer. A severe structural issue, such as a
deteriorating roof or cracked foundation, might drive the buyer away. Your listing agent's
inaccurate property description can lead to multiple fruitless showings. A less-than-flattering
picture of the property in your listings can prevent a quick closing.

When Time Is of the Essence, Sell Your Winter Park
Home As-Is for Cash
Fortunately, you have a more streamlined alternative to the traditional process if you want to sell
your home quickly — by selling it as-is and accepting a cash offer from Homeinc. A home-
purchasing company like Homeinc that specializes in such sales, can take over the whole process
for you and deliver much faster results. This kind of company will buy your home for cash and
then repurpose it, either as a fixer-upper for a specific target market or as a rental property for
individuals interested in a potential long-term revenue stream.

The cash offer approach provides the shortest possible path to a quick closing. The company's
acquisition agents will evaluate and appraise your home based on its current condition, the state
of the marketplace, and other vital factors. You will receive a purchase agreement that includes a
competitive cash offer. If you accept the price and sign on the proverbial dotted line, you will get
to enjoy a guaranteed quick closing or one that works on your timeline.

This approach eliminates barriers that make a quick closing so difficult. Consider the following
 You don't need to waste time exchanging multiple offers and counteroffers with buyers
who might not even close the deal. A home-purchasing company will almost certainly see
the process to its conclusion.
 You can forget about the thousands of dollars in repair and renovation work you might
otherwise need to do to make your home an attractive prospect. The worse shape your
home is in, the bigger this benefit becomes.
 You're not paying a real estate agent, which means you will not be paying any
commissions.  Although you may need to pay some minimal closing fees, depending on
the situation, you can keep that six percent of commissions that the agent would have
pocketed from the transaction.
What's the Catch?
You might think that the process outlined above sounds too good to be true — or you may have
concerns about how much money you'll receive for your home. While you may get a little less
from a cash offer than a traditional mortgage-based closing, you should bear in mind the savings
noted above. No repair expenses and no real estate agent commissions leave you with that much
more money for your purposes. Remember, too, that your top priority isn't getting the market's
top dollar — your aim is to sell your home quickly with a guaranteed closing date.

You may have previously dismissed the idea of selling your home as-is because of the possible
negative stigma associated with this arrangement. For instance, you might have envisioned
buyers turning up their noses at a potential fixer-upper. However, you won't encounter such
resistance when you sell your home as-is to Homeinc instead of directly to an individual. The
professionals at Homeinc see the value in properties of various ages and conditions. They'll offer

you a competitive price that allows you to sell your home quickly with no drama or
complications — and isn't that precisely what you need?

If you answered "yes" to that last question, you're ready to talk to the experts at Homeinc. We
can give you a professional property analysis, send you a cash-offer contract, and close on your
preferred timetable — which can be as short as five days. Contact us today through the form on
our home page or by calling/texting 888-850- 2636 for an instant cash offer.

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