How to Sell Your Florida Home with Code Violations

It’s no secret that city and county building codes are constantly getting revised and if you’re trying to sell an older home, you may discover that your home is no longer up to code.  There is also a possibility that you may violate certain building codes if you have done any renovating or made any upgrades to your home.  There is an extensive range of code violations to be aware of, some of which may only require a simple fix while others prove to be considerably more complex and costly. If you are looking to sell your house, you will need to ensure these violations are rectified.

Furthermore, some violations may be hidden while others are visible.  You must disclose these any or all violations to prospective buyers.  Here are some of the more common code violations to be aware of:

  • addition of appliances (e.g., a water heater) without the proper permit
  • exhaust fans venting into your attic, not outdoors
  • fence height violation
  • inadequate deck connection to your home
  • inadequate GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) protection on circuits or electrical outlets throughout your home
  • polybutylene pipe (used from 1978 to 1995) that has been poorly installed
  • smoke alarms placed improperly
  • unpermitted home additions (e.g. a garage that’s been converted into living space)

Once you are aware of any code violations that your home may have, your options will largely be based on how quickly you want to sell it.  At this point, you can make the necessary repairs to bring it up to code or you can sell your home as-is to a cash-for-homes company like Homeinc.  Selling your home in this manner ensures a hassle-free and stress-free process allowing you to skip the costly repairs and permits. Furthermore, you can close within 5 to 7 days when selling your home to Homeinc.

By selling your home as-is, you eliminate the need to make any renovations or repairs and pay for those expenses yourself.  It is a time-saving as well as a money-saving option that many individuals in similar situations have taken advantage of.  By selling your home as-is, you place the responsibility for those renovations and repairs on the new buyer.  The two most common reasons for selling a home as-is are:

  • the homeowner does not have the funds needed to bring the home up to code
  • the homeowner does not have the time to obtain the necessary permits and make the necessary renovations and repairs

Selling your home as-is to Homeinc is a simple process.  You will get a competitive cash offer and a closing date that works for you.  Call or text the Homeinc team at  (888) 850-2636 to get started.

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