How to Sell Your Florida Rental Property When You Have Challenging Tenants

When you are a landlord in Florida, you have a lot to deal with daily.  The last thing you need to be dealing with is challenging tenants.  There may come a time when you have had enough of tenant-related issues and decide that it’s time to sell your rental property and give up your landlord status.  Keep in mind, whether it’s a bad tenant or a good one, all tenants have rights, and the eviction process may not be easy.  Homeinc can easily purchase your rental property with tenants so you can avoid the eviction process prior to selling.

Know Your Options

When you want to sell a rental property occupied by challenging tenants, you have 3 options to consider:

  • You can wait for the tenant’s lease to expire – if you decide to wait and let the lease expire, you can clean up the property and make any cosmetic upgrades needed to sell the home as quickly as possible. On the other hand, this means you will have to deal with the tenant longer than you wanted while continuing to pay expenses.
  • You can pay the tenants to vacate the property – while this option may not be any more desirable than the former, it may resolve the problems more quickly. If financially feasible, you could offer to pay the tenants the amount of rent remaining until the lease expires or an agreed upon move-out fee.  Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the tenants will cooperate and accept your offer.
  • You can sell your property to Homeinc – if you’ve decided to sell your rental property while the tenants are still in it, there are several obstacles you will need to overcome. While this will save you the constant grief that comes with bad tenancy, that tenant can make the sales process extremely difficult.  As the home buyer, Homeinc can deal with your tenant efficiently and professionally, thereby saving you the hassle and stress of having to deal with the issue.


Homeinc has purchased rental properties from owner landlords throughout Florida. As an added bonus, Homeinc will purchase your rental property in “as-is” condition, saving you on future expenses to update your property. Homeinc will pay cash and close in as little as 5 days or on your desired timeline. Save your self the stress of dealing with challenging tenants and sell your property for cash to Homeinc.

To learn more about selling a rental property when you have challenging tenants, call Homeinc today at (888) 850-2636.

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