How to Sell Your Home That Needs Work Fast in Ft. Lauderdale

Your ability to sell your Fort Lauderdale home fast using traditional real estate market methods can be highly dependent on the time of year in which you are planning the sale and if the house needs repairs. Broward County has a busy housing market year-round but that’s not to say there aren’t times of the year that are better, when you are wanting to sell your home fast.

According to housing transaction data for the area that covers Fort Lauderdale, Davie, Plantation, Lauderhill, and Lauderdale Lakes, December is the best time to complete the sale of your home. However, considering the average three months that it takes to close on the sale, you would have had to put it on the market in September to close on the transaction in December.

Data also shows that if you put your house up for sale in November, you can expect to sell it six days sooner than in any other month. There’s still a catch: even if you sell it faster by putting your house up for sale in November, you are still facing the average three-month-long closing wait period to complete the sale.

In addition to the complexity of placing a home for sale at just the right time and the long waiting period to close, many who would like to sell their Fort Lauderdale homes fast also face another significant obstacle – home repairs. Home repairs to houses in Fort Lauderdale can be costly and time-consuming. The costliest scenario of making home repairs is when the home you are repairing is vacant because you are paying for both the home repairs and its carrying costs, for examples property taxes, maintenance, and homeowners insurance.

The home repairs themselves can also be expensive and prevent you from putting your house for sale for months. The most costly and lengthy home repairs include:

  • Structural Problems
  • Roof Damage
  • Code Violations
  • Water Damage
  • Mold

These factors considered, there is a way to sell your Fort Lauderdale home fast without making repairs. If you work with the professional home buyers at Homeinc, you can sell your Fort Lauderdale home fast and close on the transaction in as little as five days. And the best part is you don’t have to worry about the repairs.

Homeinc offers cash for homes in Fort Lauderdale that need repairs every day. The purchase is for cash and is “as is”. “As is” means that you are selling, and Homeinc is buying your home in whatever condition it presently exists. We accept the home with any of its complications known at the point of purchase and beyond. Homeinc will buy “as is” properties that are everything from single-family homes to mobile homes and condos. When you sell your home to Homeinc, you keep more of the money from the sale because there are no closing costs like there would be in a traditional real estate transaction.

If you need to sell your Ft. Lauderdale property fast, contact Homeinc today! We are ready to help solve your real estate problem.


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