In Miami The Biggest Question Homeowner’s Who Are Interested In Selling Are Asking…

sell your home and move into your new one

Working with homeowner’s who are contemplating selling their home on a daily basis the biggest question I get asked is…. if I sell my home, where do I move? Well I’m here to give you some clarity and reassurance if you find yourself asking the same question. As many of you have heard it’s a seller’s market. Meaning a lot of homeowner’s are taking advantage of the market being in their favor and selling their properties. For someone looking to buy a new home that means that we are seeing more properties available on the market. In Miami Dade county specifically we’re seeing a large amount of elderly homeowner’s that have been upkeeping their properties for many years finding themselves overwhelmed with the responsibility of landscaping, cleaning and maintaining a property that no longer serves the same purpose it once did. Kids they raised in that home have grown up and started families of their own… for them downsizing is the obvious choice. Result is putting more single family homes on the market for a new family or a couple looking to start their new journey turning a house into a home.

So if your still wondering where to move to after selling your home, understand this. Miami Dade county has one of the fastest and hottest markets in the U.S. considering the benefits there is to living in South Florida for people of all ages and different backgrounds. From snowbirds living up north looking to retire in a warm place to our newest generation starting to create a life for themselves. Miami has always been a place of many opportunities no matter the race, age or background. If your currently considering relocating but need assistance or guidance don’t hesitate to give one of our agents or myself a call at Homeinc. Always a pleasure to assist in any way that we can!


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