Influence of climate on short rents in Florida

Specific aspects of climate in Florida
With this in mind, it is also important to know some particular dimensions of the climate in Florida.

Behavior of the weather in summer
Although the temperatures are high and it is very sunny, during these months clouds form and, consequently, storms. They usually bring strong winds and in some cases hail. In fact, Florida is the state most affected by lightning.

Although tornadoes in Florida are even more common than in the Great Plains of the United States, they are much weaker. Only a few intense ones occur during winter or spring due to abrupt intrusions of cold air.

Florida’s geographic location makes it vulnerable to hurricanes. The hurricane and tropical storm season run from June to November. However, they occur more frequently between August and October.

No doubt, Florida is renowned for its sunny skies. The amount of sunlight in the state is high throughout the year. The south is slightly sunnier than the north. For example, the sun shines 70% of the time in Miami, to the south, but only 60% in Pensacola, to the north. The sunniest months in the south are March and April, while in the north are April and May.

Climate in the different cities of Florida

This is the climate panorama of the main cities of the state:
Pensacola has an average temperature of 12 °C in winter and 28 °C in summer. Jacksonville and Tallahassee are similar.
In Orlando, the average winter temperature is 15 °C. In summer it rises considerably to 28 °C. Tampa’s climate is similar.
In Miami the average is even higher in winter: 20 °C. In summer it reaches 29 °C.

Best time to visit Florida
What are the favorite seasons for visitors? If it’s South Florida, the months between December and April are the best. This area is the perfect escape for the winter cold. To the north and in the central region, the ideal periods are March and April, and October and November. This is because in these places there is more rainfall during summer and winter.

Influence of climate on short rents in Florida
How does the weather in Florida affect short-term rents? There seems to be a trend of higher rents and higher prices during the summer months. Although Florida offers warm destinations during the winter, people seem to enjoy more of its attractions in the middle of the year (Niapan, 2019).

In any case, each season attracts different types of visitors with varied interests. It is also noteworthy that cities offer different climates even during the same period. In this way, the climate in Florida has something for all tastes throughout the year, which also contributes to a healthy demand for short rents during each month.

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