Social Media Marketing for Real Estate

In today’s day and age, using social media as a marketing tool for real estate is crucial in order to make your business grow. Only in America, 302.35 million people use social media. This translates to 90% of the total population in the United States from which 74.2% are adults. That is why creating interesting content has become so important in the real estate business. It’s a way to keep the audience entertained and spark their curiosity on your real estate business. But, before you start making content in social media as a marketing tool, it’s crucial that you’re aware of some important things.

  • Know your target audience

    When you think about the content you will create for your business, it’s necessary to know the audience you want to reach. If your business is in real estate, your target audience should preferably be people that are economically stablished and looking to find a new home. They most likely will be people over forty, which means the humor and understanding of certain social media trends will be totally different from that of a twenty year old who’s still in college. You will also need to understand what their interests and concerns are, so you can address them when creating content.

  • Get familiar with current social media apps

    Whether it’s Instagram, TikTok or any other app invented in the future, you need to understand how each one works. Find ways to make eye catching content that will attract people’s attention into your real estate business. You also need to know what things work for the each different app. For example, you might think that Instagram is all about posting pictures and images, but in reality, the algorithm is currently prioritizing short videos, best known as Reels. Although stories and picture posts are also important to create engagement with your audience. On another hand, TikTok’s algorithm gives priority to audio over videos, which is why you have probably heard about “trending sounds” instead of “trending videos”.

  • Pay attention to what’s trending

    Whenever you’re browsing through your Instagram or TikTok page, pay attention to the content you notice has the most likes. See what type of content it is, what wording they’re using. Is it using a particular sound? Maybe the color palette is what cough your eye. Study the post and try researching similar content to see if it’s having the same impact as what you just saw. Could you recreate it in a way that meets your audience’s preferences?

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Marilis brings a wealth of knowledge in both social media management and digital marketing. We look forward to Marilis adding value in all areas of communication and marketing. Marilis recently graduated with her BS in Communications. Fun Fact: She has a wildly successful YouTube channel.

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