Can I Stay In My House After Closing?

Can I Stay In My House After Closing?

One of the greatest aspects of working with Homeinc is the flexibility we provide to ours sellers. We understand each seller has their own individual circumstances, and we are happy to create a post-occupancy plan that works for you and your timeline.

Some of the things you might ask yourself are:

How does the post-occupancy work? A post occupancy, sometimes refereed to as a rent-back, allows the seller to remain in the home for a specific period of time after the closing takes place. This can be a game-changer for sellers who need additional time to transition to their new living arrangements.

How will I know I will have the right to stay in the property after closing? The key to implementing a post occupancy lies in its inclusion in the purchase contract. Mention this possibility to our agents and we will make sure to include those terms in the agreement, specifying the length of time you will have so you can have peace of mind you will have that time to make the arrangements for your next home.

How are the terms determined? Homeinc understands each scenario is different. This way, we will adapt to each buyer individual circumstances. Usual terms may allow for 30 or 60 day occupancies, but the terms will vary from case to case. Talk to your Homeinc representative to learn more about the possibilities!

Is the Closing delayed? It’s important to note that the post-occupancy does not delay the closing process itself. The sale is finalized as scheduled, and you can use the proceeds towards the purchase of a new home, to rent an apartment or for something else. The buyer will assume ownership of the property while allowing the seller to remain in the home temporarily.


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We are so excited to have Paula on the Homeinc team. Paula is an attorney by trade but has been working in real estate for the past decade. Her experience spans a variety of channels across the United States. Paula looks forward to sharing her knowledge and experiences with both buyers and sellers alike. Her favorite part of working at Homeinc is the dynamic work environment and the possibility of learning something new every single day. When not at work, Paula enjoys cross fitting, traveling, reading and spending time outdoors with her husband and son.

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