Relocating and Need to Sell Your Home Quickly

Relocating and Need to Sell Your Home Quickly

Life has its way of throwing curveballs at you right when you least expect it. Say you land your dream job, but it’s in another city, and you just settled into your home. Or, say a family member or loved one needs you to move back to your home town to help care for them. No matter the reason, the fact is that many homebuyers end up in situations where they’re left wondering not only “How can I sell my home?” but also “How can I sell my home quickly?”

Thankfully, there are a few different options for relocating and selling your home speedily and with very little hassle. Additionally, there are some tips you can keep in mind for a successful relocation.

Options for Relocating Home Buyers

If you’re a home buyer who has found yourself stuck in a scenario where you have one home, are looking to buy another in a hurry, and need to sell your current home just as fast, then fear not. It might seem stressful, but you have a few great options at your disposal. It might seem overwhelmingly stressful at first, but in truth, any one of these three options will help you make your sale, your purchase, your pack, and your move all as stress-free and as easy as possible. Read on to see what they are and determine which one works best for you.

Buy Your New Home First, Sell Your Current Home Second

Option number one is to purchase your new home first, proceed with the process of relocating, and then work on selling your existing home from afar. While this might sound like it would be hard trying to sell a house from a distance, the truth is that your real estate agent exists to help make this process as low-stress as possible. They’ll take care of the sale, and all you have to do is work with them to make it happen. This option certainly requires a bit more of a financial stake, but think of it like the price you’re paying for an easy and simple relocation.

Rent Your Home Out

Option number two is to rent your home out while you relocate to your new home. While this obviously isn’t the same as flat-out selling your old home, it could be a great way for you to actually make a profit on your relocation — especially if you plan to ultimately relocate back again at some point in the near future. Renting out your home allows you to charge more for rent than you pay for your mortgage, allowing you to settle your bills each month and also have a little extra passive income in your pockets, as well.

It might prove to be difficult to manage the property from your new location, especially if it’s pretty far from where you’re relocating to, but it’s still something to seriously consider — especially if you’re not moving far.

Sell Your Home to Homeinc

Option number three is to simply sell your home to Homeinc. Homeinc will conduct a free property analysis on your home, taking into consideration its age, any necessary repairs, any complications with ownership, and its market position, then present you with a cash offer. From there, if you accept, Homeinc will send a contract to you and buy the property as-is. Homeinc takes care of all the repairs, code violations, liens, or probate costs that need addressing, and then you pick your closing date — no closing costs or commissions necessary.

After that, you get paid. This can happen in as little as five days and is all handled through a licensed title company and escrow agent. When you need to sell your property fast and relocate with the money earned from the sale, there’s no doubt that Homeinc can help make that happen faster and less expensive than with a realtor.

Tips for a Successful Relocation

As you work to determine which of these options works best for you, it’s also worth considering these tips for a successful relocation to make things even easier on you and your move.

  • Make sure to account for all the added costs of relocation, from traveling to the new city to look at homes to the cost of selling your current home to the price you might have to pay for repairs and so on. You don’t want to end up feeling like you’re in over your head from any unexpected financial hurdles — moving can be stressful enough as it is.
  • Research the expenses to be found in your new city. Are things more expensive there? Less expensive? About the same? What are taxes like? These questions can play a major role in your budgeting going forward and are important to consider for this reason.
  • It’s always wise to familiarize yourself with the area you’re moving to before you actually make the move to reduce any feelings of being a fish out of water or an outcast upon arrival. Consider joining local groups or pages on social media to get acquainted with others before making your move.

The Bottom Line: Relocating and Need to Sell Your Home Quickly

Homebuyers such as yourself know that relocating and needing to sell your home quickly is no easy feat. Thankfully, Homeinc can make it easier than ever. If you’re in the Florida area, know that Homeinc purchases any type of property regardless of any repairs required. Homeinc’s cash offers are competitive and come with a quick closing timeline, meaning that whatever your timeline is for your move, Homeinc can work with it.

As you can see, moving and relocating doesn’t have to be the big, stressful burden it’s made out to be. Not with Homeinc, at least. Call or text the professionals at Homeinc today at 1-888-850-2636 to get an offer on your home or property. You can also visit our website for more information on the Homeinc Advantage.

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