How to Sell an Ugly House

Selling your home at any level is going to require some sort of investment to get it ready to sell on the retail market. If your home is not what it used to be or just simply in bad shape there are many factors working against it. There are many reasons to sell your property and in some instances you might very well have to sell it regardless of its current condition. Here are some issues that come with selling a not so attractive home.



Why Would You Sell an Ugly House?

There are a myriad of reasons why homeowners let their home deteriorate. Elderly owners, as well as others that have health issues,  are less focused on the upkeep of their home and more focused on the health of themselves or their family members, which is totally understandable. We also have homeowners who just do not have the money to keep the home in top shape or make improvements to the home before selling. Sometimes these owners have the need to sell fast for monetary reasons, but simply do not have the funds to get the house prepped for the retail market.

On the other hand we have homeowners who are about to go into foreclosure and they simply lose the desire to improve their home and would rather wash their hands of the property all together. Almost all real estate agents will agree that putting a large amount of money into a property that is in awful condition is not a great idea, especially when you need to sell very quickly.

If your home is not in the best condition here are a few things you can do in order to get it ready to sell.

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Cosmetic Updates

Now no matter the condition of your home it is always important to do whatever you can to make it look at least ok to show to potential buyers. Old furniture, clutter and anything else that makes it look dated should be removed.

If the home is in extremely bad shape than what you can do is show potential buyers estimates and examples of what the property could be with some investment. It would be ideal to do these things yourself, but if you are unable to than you should try to do anything you can to try and help the potential buyer see themselves living there and the possibilities it may have.

Deep Cleaning

What you need to do is put yourself in the position of the buyer and try to look at it through their lens. Vacuum as thoroughly as possible and clean as much as you possibly can. If you are able to it is in your best interest to hire a professional cleaning service.

Do whatever you can to try and get your home back to its original condition. If you do have some money to invest into the home than choose the major things that will make the property look its best. Don’t be afraid to get feedback from real estate professionals.

If at the end of the day you need to sell your home fast and aren’t able to do any of the necessary things to sell your home to a retail buyer than your best option might be to sell your home to Homeinc. We actually prefer ugly homes! No matter the condition we can purchase your home cash and close very quickly. So, what at first seems like a daunting task can now be a smooth and easy transition. This is what we do for a living! Contact us today for more information on selling your home.

Evan comes to Homeinc from the consulting world. Prior to consulting, Evan owned his own screen printing company. He hit the ground running and has done a great job strategizing with his clients while working through their real estate needs. He enjoys the team-like culture at Homeinc, one where everyone is working towards a common goal.When not at work, Evan enjoys playing guitar, traveling, hitting up the beach, checking out new restaurants and spending time with his friends and family.

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