Selling Your Home As-Is? Here are 3 Reasons to Work with Homeinc.

Financial struggles and time limits are two circumstances that cause homeowners to sell their home “as-is” in its current condition – good or bad.  In doing so, the seller clearly states that they will not be responsible for any renovations or repairs.  Although there are other options for selling your home quickly and solving your financial dilemma,

selling your home to a We-pay Cash-for-Houses company is by far the most convenient.

Here While this may seem convenient, there are 3 reasons why you should consider selling your home “as-is” to Homeinc:

  • Client satisfaction – since establishing our company, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners sell their homes throughout the US. Regardless of your homes current condition, we’ll make you a fair offer and pay you in cash.  It’s the most hassle-free and stress-free way to sell your home fast for cash.
  • No home inspection – one of the primary benefits of selling your home “as-is” to Homeinc is that you don’t have to worry about a home inspection uncovering any issues that would cause the seller to walk away. Why? Because we will do all the necessary renovations and repairs.
  • We’ll take care of any pending foreclosure action – while some sellers are forced into selling their homes because they’re facing foreclosure, we can resolve your dilemma by paying you cash for your home and dealing with the lender ourselves. Remember, foreclosure is something that will haunt you and your credit report for 7 years starting with the first missed mortgage payment.

So how does working with a cash home buyer such as Homeinc differ from other home selling venues? When you work with us and sell your home as-is, you’ll sell your home much faster.  In most instances, we can close on your home within 5 to 7 days.  Or, if you prefer, choose your own closing date.

When you sell your home to a cash buyer:

  • As-Is means as-is whether there’s been fire, flood, or hurricane damage or any other problems that warrant repairs.
  • No inspections are required.
  • There are no contingencies or obligations to worry about.
  • Best of all, you get a fair cash offer.

Our company is the #1 choice of home sellers who want to sell their homes quickly for cash.  If you are looking to complete a quick sale, call us today at 888.850.2636. We are here to help you sell your house quickly and at the best price.

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