Selling Your Home with Code Violations

If you would like to sell your home but worry that building code violations may prevent the sale, there is a solution that offers you both a sale and no need to make costly repairs.

Building codes often differ from city to city but they usually follow similar standards. You can find out what these are by contacting your local government; many municipalities now have them available on their website. The goal of most building code rules is to keep aging buildings, homes, condos, and properties from becoming fundamentally unsafe and from becoming unsightly. However, maintaining compliance with these rules can be a challenge at times for property owners. The rules can change without much notification and government officials are often incentivized to enforce building codes as a way of levying fines that provide cash for struggling city operations.

Common examples of code violations of varying degrees include:

  • Non-permitted home improvements
  • The exterior of structure not maintained
  • Vacant properties with exposed openings such as windows
  • Fence in poor condition
  • Overgrowth and/or trash on the property
  • House address numbers not displayed or not visible from the street
  • Converting a garage to a bedroom

If you receive a code violation, the city or other municipality bringing the violation will provide you a defined amount of time to bring your property into compliance. Once the timeline expires, the government entity will have a hearing regarding the matter and provide a final notice date to comply by. If the property is not in compliance upon the date of the final notice, daily fines of a set amount will continue to accrue until the property is compliant. These can be over $250 per day in extreme cases.

Often, the daily fines and the cost of bringing the property into compliance place a huge burden on homeowners who don’t have the money to pay for either. If your home is facing a building code violation or lien and you are unable to pay or sell to a buyer using financing, Homeinc offers solutions to purchase your property in “as-is” condition. We assume the code violations and liens with a CASH offer. Homeinc buys properties such as single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums, and mobile homes with code violations.

Why Homeinc?

We are professional home buyers and are therefore experienced in buying homes with code violations in “as-is” condition so the seller never has to make the repairs to be compliant. Our terms are flexible and our agents are available to address your concerns. When Homeinc makes a cash offer, there is no obligation but should the seller accept the offer, we are often ready to close in under 5 days.

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