Should You Sell Your Home As-Is if Too Many Repairs Are Required?

The home-selling process can be incredibly stressful when you consider certain factors such as advertising, home inspections, and realtor fees (just to name a few).  But what do you do when you need to sell your home as quickly as possible but there are just too many repairs needed before listing it on the market? Selling your home when you don’t have the budget to fix those repairs can be challenging. Furthermore, prepping your home for a showing may not be the best idea.

Sell Your Home AS-IS

In situations like this, your best option is to sell your home AS-IS to the specialists at Homeinc.  You’ll be dealing with highly experienced professionals that will make every effort possible to pay you top dollar for your home by making you a competitive offer and providing flexible terms as well.  This will help you avoid having issues with repair contractors and not having to make those expensive renovations.  Here’s why:

  • Issues with contractors – if you decide to hire contractors for the repairs that need to be done, it’s going to delay a quick sale of your home. Additionally, if structural work is required, it could cost thousands of dollars if you need to replace the foundation, roof, or septic system.
  • Making renovations – if you want to sell your home for top dollar, it has to be in top-notch condition to attract the right buyers. If your home isn’t in peak condition, no buyer will pay your price.  Some cosmetic issues such as appliances, carpeting or flooring, and paint are relatively inexpensive repairs.  Thus, if you don’t want the hassle and expense of making repairs but you don’t want these issues to surface during the home inspection, sell your home AS-IS to Homeinc.

Selling your home AS-IS is a better option than listing it the traditional way.  The agent or broker may require that you make those repairs before they’ll list your home.  Plus, it could take months for your home to sell, and when it finally does, you’ll have to pay the agent’s or broker’s commission and closing costs.  Sell your home directly to Homeinc. We’ll close the deal quickly helping you get the cash you need.

For more information about selling your home AS-IS for cash, call Homeinc today at (888) 850-2636 and speak with one of our highly experienced specialists.

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