The Process of Clearing Title

The Process of Clearing Title

Selling your home is a major transaction and a significant milestone in one’s life. It is more than just a financial transaction; For some, it may mean parting with a property that has been in the family for generations or selling the first home you purchased which often holds countless memories and symbolizes various life stages. It’s natural to feel uneasy or hesitant when trusting a third party or a title company to handle the transaction from start to finish. To ease your mind and provide some comfort, here’s a step-by-step guide to the process of clearing title.

1. Ordering a Title and Lien Search

The first step the title company will take is to order a title and lien search. The purpose of this search is to confirm a property’s current legal ownership and examine any back taxes, liens, or other claims associated with the property. A title search typically takes anywhere from 5 to 7 business days to complete, depending on the county.

2. The Seller Information Sheet and Authorization From

While waiting for the title and lien search results, the title company will collect a document called the seller information sheet and borrower’s authorization form. The seller information sheet gathers all relevant information relating to the property, such as the mortgage loan account number, HOA information, and, most importantly, the seller’s personal information, including their social security number and marital status. The borrower’s authorization grants permission for the title company to order judgments, mortgage payoffs, and other related documents on the seller’s behalf.

3. Reviewing Title and Lien Search Results

Once the title and lien search results are in, they provide the title processor with a list of requirements needed to provide a clear and marketable title. These requirements may include satisfying a mortgage payoff, resolving any judgments, and addressing any liens against the property.

4. Obtaining Payoffs and Releases

Payoffs usually take 3 to 5 business days to come in. Once all payoffs and releases are received, the title is officially clear. This means all outstanding financial obligations related to the property have been settled, and the title is free of any claims or encumbrances.

5. Moving Forward with the Closing Process

With a clear title, the transaction can move forward to the closing process. This involves finalizing all paperwork, ensuring all parties fulfill their obligations, and officially transferring ownership of the property.


Selling your home is never an easy task. There are many potential issues that may arise, and additional research may be needed to satisfy some of the requirements. By understanding the process and working with professionals, you can ensure a smooth and successful sale of your property. With the support of Homeinc’s experienced agents and transaction coordinators, the transaction will be a breeze.

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