Tips for Selling Your Water Damaged Home

Many homeowners who want to sell their properties as-is are concerned about whether or not Homeinc will buy a home with water damage.  The answer is YES, we will.  We know how water damage issues often arise, especially here in Florida during hurricane season.  Water problems can result in severe structural damage to a home, especially if the damage is not corrected or repaired.  The damage continues to get more severe if it is ignored. If you are considering selling your home but have concerns about the damage that water has caused, Homeinc can help.

Warning Signs of Water Damage

Unfortunately, water damage often goes unnoticed by many homeowners until a home inspection is done or the damage has become obvious.  Here are some of the common warning signs that indicate water damage:

  • bubbling or cracking paint
  • ceiling or walls discolored
  • damp or a musty odor in different rooms
  • increased utility bills
  • water puddles

What Are the More Common Causes of Water Damage?

Water damage is a common problem in Florida, especially along coastal areas that get hit the hardest by hurricanes and tropical storms.  The 4 most common causes of water damage include:

  • Clogged downspouts and rain gutters – your downspouts and gutters provide water with a way to run off the roof and away from your home. If you do not unclog the spouts and gutters, clogs will eventually lead to water damage.  When water can’t flow off the roof properly, it will accumulate on the roof, damage the shingles, and enable water to seep into the house.
  • Faulty appliances – while our modern-day appliances certainly make our lives easier, some appliances can fail and start leaking. Dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and water heaters are often the culprits that can cause water damage. With regular maintenance, leaks from these appliances can be prevented.
  • Leaking pipes – this is probably the most common cause of water damage in many homes today. Even if the issue is addressed quickly, some water damage may have occurred.  Leaking pipes can cause mold growth, peeling paint, and damage to the flooring.
  • Storms – with hurricane season running from June 1st to the end of November, water damage is often inevitable. The high winds can rip shingles off the roof, exposing bare spots, and letting water into your home.

Homeinc is Florida’s premier home buying company and will pay cash for your home, even if it has incurred water damage.  In many cases, selling your home as-is for cash is a better option than attempting to repair the damage.  To learn more about this, call Homeinc or text our licensed real estate advisors today at (888) 850-2636 today.

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