Why Selling Your Daytona Beach Home for Cash Might be Your Best Option

Overcoming Doubts When Selling Your House for Cash

Life can come at you fast, and you’re not always ready. But as a homeowner, you have options.
If you must sell a home quickly in Daytona Beach or the greater Volusia County area to free up
cash, relocate, or avoid unmanageable homeowner expenses, Homeinc can help.
At Homeinc, we buy Volusia County homes for cash fast. So, if you need to sell your house and
close quickly, we have the speedy solution that you are looking for.
Why should I sell my Daytona Beach house for cash?
Many situations can make it imperative for a homeowner to sell quickly. If any of the following
circumstances apply to you, Homeinc would love to talk to you about your Daytona Beach house.


Moving to a new Florida location or a different state altogether? Daytona Beach is great but
needs and tastes change over time. Perhaps you or your spouse has a great job opportunity in a
new location. Or, maybe you found a new city that suits you better during this stage of your life. Either way,
don’t miss out on securing a great new home because it’s taking too long to sell your Daytona Beach house.

Instead, sell quickly to Homeinc and make the move.

Probate House

Homeowners with no surviving spouse often name their children in their will to inherit the home.
When that happens, it’s common to sell the house to pay any existing debts and then distribute
the remaining proceeds to the heirs. Probate is typically a complicated and time-consuming task. Selling the home quickly for cash
can help speed up a lengthy process. It’s also far more convenient for everyone involved,
especially if you or your siblings live in a different state.
Parents’ Home
As our parents age, managing a house on their own can become too much for them. The time
may come to move them into your home or an assisted living facility. Sometimes, you have
minimal warning. A quick sale for cash can lessen the stress and free up the money you need to
take care of your loved ones. Homeinc can help.

Rundown House

Homeownership can be expensive. Regular maintenance and timely repairs are necessary to keep
everything in tip-top shape. But, a lack of adequate time and finances is problematic for many
Americans. Even more frustrating is that failing to make the required repairs right away can lead
to costlier breakdowns and issues.
So, now you have a house in need of renovation before you can put it on the market. But that’s
only through the conventional real estate sales process. Repairs aren’t necessary to get an instant
cash offer from Homeinc.


Next is divorce. Divorce is rarely easy, and property division can be a particularly thorny issue. Many estranged
couples find it economical to sell the marital home and split the profits. Yet, most divorcing
couples don’t relish the thought of going through a lengthy home-selling process together. A
quick cash sale with Homeinc eliminates that problem.

Pending Tax Foreclosure

Lastly, if you have trouble paying your Volusia County property taxes, costs quickly add up. Volusia
County charges 3% interest on your overdue tax bills, plus advertising fees. After two years of
unpaid taxes, Daytona Beach homeowners may face a tax deed foreclosure. A quick cash sale
can free up the funds to settle the tax debt and avoid the impact a foreclosure can have on your

What are the benefits of selling your Daytona Beach house
fast to Homeinc?

  • So, you may be experiencing one of the situations described above or something similar. A quick
    home sale with Homeinc offers many advantages:
  • Transparent cash offer – Take the guesswork out of your home sales price. We give
    you a no-obligation, competitive cash offer for your Daytona Beach home right away.
  • No expensive commissions – In a traditional real estate sale, you pay up to 6% in realtor
    commissions. For example, that’s $27,000 coming out of your pocket on a $450,000 sale!
    But not with a Homeinc cash sale.
  • Avoid wasting time and money staging and showing – Don’t worry about strangers
    tromping through your house, and there’s no need to spend money staging it perfectly.
  • Renovations and repairs aren’t necessary – Homeinc purchases your home “As-Is.”
  • Steer clear of financing delays – We pay with cash. Consequently, you’re not waiting for a
    mortgage lender to approve – or deny – a homebuyer who makes an offer on your house.
  • Terms flexibility – We can work with you if you need more time to move after selling us
    your home.

Learn what your Daytona Beach house is worth – We offer a free property value
Enjoy cash-in-hand fast – The timing is up to you. Homeinc can close in 5 days and
wire the money to your bank immediately.
Enjoy professional services from our qualified team of licensed realtors and a fair and
competitive cash offer for your house. Call or text 888-850-2636 today to speak with a
knowledgeable advisor of the Homeinc Team.

Thomas has been working in real estate for over two years and has been a valued Homeinc advisor for the past year. Thomas is the best of the best when it comes to helping customers achieve their goals. He loves his coworkers and the dynamic work environment at Homeinc. In his free time, Thomas enjoys spending time with his fiancé, raising fruit trees and exploring new places. We are so glad that he joined the team this year!!

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