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Why Work with Homeinc

Homeinc has helped thousands of sellers achieve their selling goals by making the process as easy as possible. We know that sellers have multiple options when selling their property.

The Homeinc Path
  • Work with the licensed real estate agents at Homeinc.
  • Call Homeinc and get your free property analysis and competitive cash offer within minutes.
  • Sign a Contract- we can email it, overnight it or hand-deliver it.
  • Skip the repairs, updates, and real estate showings. Homeinc likes your home just the way it is.
  • Close in as little as 5 days- or choose the date that works for you. No more mortgage payments for you. Need to stay in your home for a while? No problem. We have options.
  • Keep more money in your pocket- Homeinc pays all commissions and keeps closing costs low.
  • Walk away feeling great about the sale of your home and recommend Homeinc to all of your friends and family. We value you!
The Traditional Path
  • Hire a licensed real estate agent.
  • Get your home ready to sell; make costly repairs, updates, clear any violations or liens.
  • Stage your house and prepare to host showings; clean, hurry out, let strangers stroll through your home. Repeat multiple times
  • Let your home sit on the market- average time on the market is 90 Days- That’s 55 days of showings and 35 days spent “Waiting to Close.”
  • Sign a contract to sell.
  • Wait. Then wait some more.
  • Cross your fingers that your buyer’s financing goes through. If not, repeat steps 3-5.
  • Pay commissions and closing costs at the closing table. This can range from 6-9% when all is said and done.
‘As-Is’ Experts
Homeinc purchases all properties in ‘as-is’ condition. Sellers can skip the costly repairs and updates. Homeinc also takes care of liens or code violations- that’s our time to shine.
Sellers are in Control
A home, property or land is personal. We respect that. Homeinc partners with sellers to ensure that they understand and are informed throughout every step of the process.
Time is of the Essence
Need to sell quickly? Homeinc can close in as little as 5 days. Need to sell buy stay in your property for a month or two? Homeinc has several post-occupancy options available. Homeinc works for you and on your timeline.
Results Speak for Themselves
Homeinc is proud to have helped thousands of sellers achieve their goals. Check out our 500+ 5 star google reviews to see what our customers have to say.
The Extra Mile
Sometimes real estate is complicated- liens, code violations, probates, tax deeds, just to name a few. Our licensed real estate advisors have seen everything. Every member of our team prides themselves on going the extra mile to assist their sellers in what can sometimes be stressful situations.

Property Questions

Homeinc is actively purchasing properties and vacant land throughout Florida and Georgia.
Homeinc purchases single family homes, multi-family homes, town houses, condos, mobile homes, vacant land, etc. Homeinc purchases homes in gated communities as well as communities with age restrictions. Homeinc purchases homes in any condition- whether they need minor repairs or full renovations. Homeinc also purchases properties with probate issues, liens and violations.
No improvements are necessary- It’s that simple. Homeinc takes care of all updates and improvements needed. The beauty of selling to Homeinc is that we buy your house in “as-is” condition. Don’t waste your time or money on making the repairs when Homeinc can do it for you.
Homeinc will take care of the code violations and liens for you.
You sure can. Homeinc will work with you to make sure that you get the most money in your pocket while paying off your mortgage at closing.
Yes. You can. The great thing about working with Homeinc is that all of our advisors are licensed real estate agents. You do not need to hire an agent to work with us. If your house is listed with an agent, we will work with all parties involved to ensure a successful closing with the most money in your pocket.
Yes. Homeinc has helped hundreds of sellers that are in the foreclosure process. Homeinc will contact your lender and structure a deal. Homeinc’s goal is to get you the most money possible at closing.
Yes. Homeinc has helped hundreds of sellers that are dealing with the possibility of a tax deed auction. Instead of walking away with little to nothing, Homeinc will ensure that you walk away with the most money possible.
Homeinc is very familiar with the probate process. Our team can successfully walk you through the entire process while providing a competitive cash offer, covering probate costs and closing quickly.

Cash Offer & Closing Questions

Absolutely not. Many people are curious about what their property is worth in the ever-changing real estate market. Call one of our agents today for a free, no-risk property analysis. 1-888-850-2636 The Agent will be able to provide you with a competitive cash offer after walking through the analysis.

Your cash offer is minutes away. Call or text us today to get started. 1-888-850-2636 An agent is standing by to walk you through a quick property analysis. In only a few minutes, you will have an idea of what your property is worth.
Lots of good things have an expiration date… and Homeinc’s cash offer for your home has an expiration date as well. Home values are constantly changing based on market activity, competition, and other factors. Homeinc’s offers will expire within three days of the offer. However, you can always touch base with your agent to get an updated offer. There is a chance that the offer will remain the same, go up or go down based on market activity.
The property analysis takes anywhere from 5-20 minutes. Our real estate advisors are respectful of your time and will make the process as quick and easy as possible. After the property analysis, the agent will able to provide you with a competitive cash offer or range.
With Homeinc, you have the option to choose your own closing date, from 5 days to as far out as several months. Homeinc works with your timeline.
One of our experienced acquisition mangers will take you through a property analysis. The agent will carefully evaluate your home as well as the area. There are many factors that go into the offer. Homeinc will give you a competitive cash offer while taking into consideration the area, recent sales, square footage etc.
Once a number is agreed upon, a contract can be emailed, mailed or hand delivered to you. Our agents will walk you through the contract and answer any questions that you may have before signing.
We work together to determine a closing date that is best for you. If you want to close quickly, we will put all our resources together to ensure that we do.
Homeinc has the ability to close quickly- in as little as 5 days, depending on the city that you live in. If you need more time- no problem. Homeinc will work within your timeline.
Homeinc has a variety of post-occupancy options. We are happy to create a post-occupancy plan that works for you and your timeline.
Improvements or updates will factor in when coming up with the value of your home and the estimated cash offer. It is important that you share all major updates, such as updates to the roof, kitchen, flooring, windows, etc. In addition, any photos that you can provide will help the agent put together an accurate value and cash offer.
Your mortgage will be paid off at closing.
Of course! Reach out to our team today 1-888-850-2636. Call or text us to get started.

Contact Homeinc today at (888) 850-2636! Let’s discuss how Homeinc can solve your real estate problem.

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