What is a probate sale on a house?

Selling a house involved in the probate process can be complicated. Because the house is being sold as part of the estate of a deceased owner(s), the sale must be overseen by the probate court so its proceeds are used to resolve debt before the rest of the proceeds are distributed to the estate’s heirs. The process can be time-consuming, adding months to completing the sale of a house, complexity to the process, and lingering expenses as the home must continue to be cared for.

To save time and money, those in the midst of a probate house sale may choose to sell the home for cash to Homeinc. We buy virtually any type of home, in any type of condition, and any price range. Furthermore, Homeinc will cover any expenses related to the probate process. Homes purchased by Homeinc are as-is – this will be clearly stated in your contract with us.

When selling your probate home to Homeinc, you can close in as little as 5 days. Here’s how it works.

1. Contact Us at (888) 850-2636

Your Property Analysis at No Cost to You

An experienced acquisition manager will speak with you about your probate case and conduct a quick property analysis. This includes valuing your home considering its age, needed repairs, ownership status, and market position. This professional analysis is free of cost to you.

2. You Receive a Cash Offer for Your Home in Minutes

This is a real cash offer. You are not obligated to take it.

We Send You a Contract

After you agree on our cash offer, we will email, express mail or hand-deliver your contract to you – whatever works best for you.

We Buy the Property As-is

We take care of probate costs. Additionally, we do all the repairs and we will handle any code violations or liens. Our contract will state this clearly.

No Closing Costs or Commissions Charged

You choose the closing date.

3. Close & Receive Your Cash

Your closing can be in as little as 5 days and your cash is wired directly into your bank account. For your peace of mind, all closings are handled through a licensed title company and escrow agent.

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