10 Tricks to sell your house or apartment in Miami

10 Tricks to sell your house or apartment in Miami

How to sell a house or apartment quickly is one of the most common questions that our customers ask us. In this case, there are no secret formulas to quickly achieve success. Apply certain tricks to sell your house or apartment in Miami in the most effective way.
Today we bring you 10 tricks so you can enhance your property, improve your business strategy, and understand the market to achieve the successful sale of your home or apartment in Florida.

In this post you will find the following tricks:

1-Seek help from a real estate broker.
2-Check that all documentation is in order.
3-Stipulates a price according to the market range.
4-Delimits a reasonable time frame for sale.
5-Market the property.
6-Study and negotiate the offers received.
7-Evaluate closing costs when starting the sales process.

1-Seek help from a real estate broker

According to the National Association of Realtors, 89% of buyers acquire their homes through real estate brokers, so finding the right advice will allow you to organize and promote your sale adjusting to the Miami real estate market.

2-Check that all documentation is in order.

It is important that before you publish your ads you check to have all the documents of the property in order, because if you have errors in the deeds, service certificates and others, it will be impossible to sell your house quickly.

3-Stipulates a price according to the market range

First, you should do an investigation in the property listings and check the prices of properties.
For this it is important to have the help of your trusted realtor because they can give you precise information about the price ranges and closing costs that each sale entails. Thus, your expectations can approach the reality of the real estate market in Florida.

4-Delimits a reasonable time frame for sale

This seems like an imprecise move but setting a reasonable time frame with your realtor will make the sales processes focus on the best way. It is also important to remember that if a property spends more than 6 months published in the market, it will begin to be questioned by buyers because they will begin to create assumptions regarding the quality of it and this harms your sales process.

5-Marketing the property

To achieve real estate success, it is necessary to differentiate from the competition. This can be achieved with a good marketing strategy by publishing in listings that are in trend, promoting the property with photographs such as Home Staging. Showing the benefits and positives of a home differently will make it stand out within the Florida real estate market.

6-Study and negotiate the offers received

It is important that once you receive an offer, you listen to your real estate consultant since it is he who can guide you to reach your goal.
Don’t turn down an offer without checking with your realtor. Sometimes offers are received quickly and customers think they will be able to receive others as the days go by, in many scenarios, not so. That’s why we must study and negotiate the offers we receive to achieve perfect sales.

7-Evaluate closing costs when starting the sales process

When starting the sales process your realtor should give you an estimate of the closing costs of your property. This is important to be clear so that you can discount this amount from the total price of it.Another way to balance those expenses is to negotiate them with the buyer. Although it is not very common, agreements can be made where tax expenses and extra charges can be covered by it.

8-Depersonalize and decorate your home

Potential buyers want to see themselves living on the property when visiting it, so we recommend you remove items such as photographs and very personal details, so that this can be made the idea more effective. Another good trick to sell your house or apartment in Miami is to decorate it temporarily with a minimalist style able to highlight the space. For this you must remove or move large furniture, throw some paint hands to make the home look fresh, harmoniously reorganize the bathrooms and kitchen, etc.

9- Shows the house in the hours where there is more light

One of the best tricks to selling your house or apartment in Miami is to check at what time lighter comes into the house. Showing it in that time makes the property look very spacious.
For this you must open the curtains, put bulbs in dark areas and take care of good lighting so you have more opportunities to sell your property quickly and effectively.

10-Clean the property whenever you schedule a visit

This trick is super important at the time of each visit. Remember that buyers want to see the best possible appearance of the property that will be their future home, so clean the floors, dust the shelves, take care of the smells of each room, will lead to a great first impression of the property and will prevent customers from being distracted by unpleasant details to the senses.

Before you move to Florida and rent an apartment or buy a house there are numerous aspects to consider and several procedures to perform, that’s why in Homeinc we have expert consultants who will make Miami the ideal place to start a new life. In conclusion,  If you have any questions about your property, contact the licensed professionals at Homeinc.  We are here to help you with all your real estate needs. Call or text the team today 1-888-850-2636.

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