Why Homeinc

Why work with Homeinc?

We’re different. It’s all about the professional team here at Homeinc.

Highly Experienced Professionals

At Homeinc, we have been doing this a long time – a combined 70 years to be exact. Over the years, home buying companies have come and gone. Homeinc is here to stay thanks to our experienced team members who take pride in making the home-buying process quick and easy for our sellers.

Competitive Offers

At Homeinc, we make every effort to pay top dollar for every home we purchase while eliminating unnecessary fees like commissions, closing costs, probate fees, and others.

Flexible Terms

At Homeinc, we try to be extremely flexible in our terms when purchasing a home. We can accommodate long closings, taking a property with tenants, liens, violations, and more.

Free Property Analysis

As part of the Homeinc process, home sellers receive a free property analysis that includes valuing their property considering its age, repairs needed, ownership complications, and market position.

Fast Cash Offers

When you work with Homeinc, home sellers will receive a competitive and real cash offer based on our valuation of the property. Home sellers are under no obligation to accept the offer.

Still Not Sure?

Read some testimonials to see why so many sellers have chosen to work with Homeinc.

Selling Your Property to Homeinc is Faster and Less Expensive than Working with a Realtor

Give us a call at (888) 850-2636 for a no-pressure, consultation.

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We are professional home buyers. We are extremely flexible in our terms and can accommodate long closings, taking property with tenants, liens, violations and more.

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