8 Reasons to prefer Miami as an investment destination

8 reasons to prefer Miami as an investment destination

Miami has become one of the cities preferred by investors for its growth, stability and projection. Here are ten reasons that make Miami the destination of opportunities for Latinos.
Miami is recognized as the Latin American capital in the United States and for many years has been home to Latino immigrants seeking opportunities. There are economic, political, financial, cultural and infrastructure conditions that have significantly transformed the prospects of this city for people who want to preserve and grow their heritage with safe investments.
Today, Miami is one of the most stable destinations for medium- and long-term investments. The real estate sector in this city manages averages of annual cash surpluses of 4.5% to 5% and valorization averages that have reached up to 50% during the last 4 years.

It is among the 10 most desired cities for investment worldwide
According to the annual wealth report “Wealth Report” issued by the global consulting firm based in London Knight Frank, whose report takes four key factors: economic activity, quality of life, knowledge of the inhabitants and political power. According to the world’s “Global Cities Survey”, this ranks among the top ten cities will remain at least for the next decade.

Miami is strategically located between Latin America and Europe. Known as the capital of the Americas, it constitutes the largest gateway to the United States, not only for tourists, but also for immigrants, businesses and commerce, and now with the recent multimillion-dollar expansion of the Port of Miami and Panama Canal.


Cutting-edge infrastructure
It has the third largest airport in the United States (it handles more than 80 airlines and 120 destinations). It has a wide range of cruises with more than four million passengers each year. Quality multimodal transport. Complete hotel offer. First class roads. Extensive network of hospitals. Varied cultural, sports and entertainment scenarios. Countless educational centers. And many other infrastructure developments that support its growth and future projection.


Financial epicenter and global headquarters of multinationals

It is the center of the most recognized global companies. More than 1,200 multinational companies from 56 countries such as AT&T, Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Kos Pharmaceuticals, Sony, Texaco, Toshiba, among others are based in Miami. To top it off, there are more than 100 international consulates, commercial offices, and binational chambers of commerce. It has the largest concentration of international banks in the United States; only Brickell Avenue has more than 100 agencies.


Investment with possibility of EB5 Visa
Miami is home to EB5 Regional Visa Centers. With an investment of US$500,000 (the amount may be modified by the Government without notice) in a project endorsed by the American Government, the applicant and his or her family group can perform a process to access the American Residence.


Business and franchises
It is possible to get to invest with businesses quickly and safely, either own ideas or existing franchises. The opportunities are open.
Buying in Miami is easy. Financing for foreigners, flexibility, and opportunity
Foreign investment is welcome in Miami. You don’t need to have several million dollars to invest in Miami. A capital of US$100,000 can give you the opportunity to capitalize in this dynamic market, currently with low interest rates, numerous financing alternatives and more facilities to qualify, even in less time and with fewer requirements than for a local buyer.


Stable policy, focused on economic welfare
A stable socio-economic and political environment is one of the great virtues of Miami as part of the United States, a country that favors and protects its economy as a world power of the category.


Miami offers a multicultural atmosphere that perfectly combines the best of both worlds. Latin flavor and diversity of cultures, within a cosmopolitan, friendly, and diverse atmosphere. An inclusive and vibrant city, which maintains its growth rates and continues to receive immigrants who find facilities in the language to enter the country, so it consistently projects towards the future.

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