New Condo Boom in Florida

New Condo Boom in Florida

Florida’s condo market is booming, as developer Ian Bruce Eichner anticipates the most substantial impact on waterfront real estate in decades. The focus is on the termination of Florida’s initial generation of condominiums, aging structures now hitting the 50 to 60-year mark, situated in prime waterfront locations.

Eichner, CEO of the Continuum Co., bluntly characterizes these structures as “crappy old buildings” with age, waterfront positions, and prime locations as defining features. With ongoing condo projects in South Florida and more in the pipeline, Eichner foresees a transition towards luxury condominiums as older structures, particularly those near the beach, face impending demolition.

This transformation is triggered by regulatory changes following the tragic collapse of Champlain Tower South in Surfside in 2021, claiming 98 lives. In response, Florida lawmakers implemented measures to ensure the safety of aging buildings, compelling condo associations to assess structural integrity regularly and fully fund reserves for maintenance. Compliance with these laws results in increased monthly fees and hefty special assessments, straining the finances of some condo owners, particularly those on fixed incomes.

Miami attorney Robert Pelier underscores the ethical concerns around developers exploiting vulnerable financial situations, resorting to tactics pressuring owners to sell. Instances of agreed-upon buyouts turning sour are not uncommon, with Pelier sharing his own experience of a stalled deal on Miami Beach’s coveted “Millionaire’s Row,” leading residents to pursue legal action to enforce the developer’s commitment.

Challenges extend beyond legal disputes, with rising interest rates and construction costs causing delays in signed projects. Conflicts arise when developers acquire multiple units, gaining control of condo association boards. Attorney Mathew Zimmerman narrates a West Palm Beach case where residents were offered a mere $40,000 for their units, sparking a lawsuit to block the termination.

Despite these hurdles, developers like Eichner see an opportunity for both parties in tearing down aging buildings. He envisions a win-win scenario where unit owners can fetch higher prices for their condos if everyone agrees to sell. However, Florida law, protecting condo owners, presents a hurdle – if just 5% of unit owners object, they can block a sale. Eichner advocates for legislative amendments to streamline the process, making it easier for developers to replace aging condominiums in the evolving Florida real estate landscape.

Source: NPR News

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