Homeinc Partners with Foster Love Supporting Children in Broward County

Homeinc Partners with Foster Love

Homeinc partners with Foster Love supporting children in Broward County. Our Team Helped Donate 50 Decorated Bags of Supplies for Hands & Feet

In May 2023, Homeinc employees partnered with the non-profit Foster Love to fund, decorate, and deliver 50 bags of useful goods to kids in need in the Broward County area. These colorful bags were filled with cute and cuddly teddy bears, blankets, coloring books, crayons, and even a dental care kit.

Children in foster care or between homes often only have a garbage bag to carry their belongings in. This can be disheartening and demoralizing, as well as unsafe due to the fragile nature of disposable bags. It’s devastating for kids who are already going through troubled times to lose treasured items because there is no suitable storage or carrying method available.

Foster Love accepts donations to fill sturdy duffle bags, which volunteers then decorate with kid-friendly art, slogans, and characters. This fun and creative way of giving back to the community provides important support for the mental and emotional well-being of children in difficult periods of transition.

Homeinc employees and their children took their time making the bags as cheerful as possible. These bags were then delivered to Hands & Feet, the Broward County organization that helps children and families in need.

Delivering Help and Hope

Hands & Feet is a South Florida-based organization focused on providing essentials to children in the welfare system. The organization offers child-oriented services across six key areas, including Broward County. In 2022, Hands & Feet volunteers made 616 deliveries to children in need and their families, providing them with bags similar to the ones made by Homeinc and Foster Love.

These bags help remind children that they are loved and reduce the burden on families struggling with rising costs. A child enters the foster system every two minutes, so the support provided by Homeinc and Foster Love makes a real difference.

Homeinc Partners with Foster Love

About Homeinc

Homeinc helps residents sell their homes without having to list them through a traditional realtor. They offer free property assessments and promise no commission charges and low closing costs, reducing waiting times and helping homeowners move out faster. The company is highly rated on Google reviews and contributes to the Equal Opportunity Housing scheme, aimed at reducing housing discrimination.

Homeinc has achieved a 5-star rating on Glassdoor, highlighting the company as a great place to work with a 100% “Would recommend to a friend” rating.

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