How long does an eviction process take in Florida ?

Being a landlord has a wide range of challenges. Dealing with problematic tenants is definitely one of the most discussed subjects when the topic is wild stories told by homeowners/investors. Late payments, bad property maintenance, and other day-to-day headaches could be a major problem while keeping the property or when it’s time to sell it.


Many of these issues can lead a landlord to do an eviction. The three most common reasons that will lead to that scenario are:

Tenant fails to pay rent

Tenant doesn’t follow the lease agreement rules (e.g., keeping a cat in their unit when the lease has a strict no pets provision)

Tenant does not maintain the unit according to the minimum standards set by Florida law. See Fla. Stat. § 83.52.

If you decide to go ahead and file for eviction against your tenant, the process in Florida could take anywhere from 45 days up to a year depending on how complex the situation is. Occupants with bad intentions can fight back the lawsuit and drag the process as long as possible. Unfortunately, there are “professional squatters” out there, that not only will dodge our judicial system but will make sure to damage the property on their way out.


Aside of that, a big factor of having to go through this type of problem is that, even when the tenants are gone after the eviction process, the owner ends up with an extensive amount of work that is needed in order to bring the property back to a livable shape. A 1200 sq ft property can easily require up to $30,000.00 in renovations depending on how big the damage caused by tenants is. The list of most common repairs is wide and can include new flooring, appliances and cabinets replacement, new plumbing, electrical, among others.


This process could turn out to be extremally expensive for homeowners and take a lot of time and energy to be completed.


However, there are easier ways out of this headache, and one of them is to sell your property in as-is condition0 to a cash buyer. With this you will avoid any inspections and other contingencies of a regular contract, while getting paid in cash, fast.


If this is an option you consider, feel free to give us a call at 1-888-850.2636. We have a full team ready to walk you through our simple process and to provide you with some options of what will best fit your needs.

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