Sell Your House Stress-Free Before the Holidays

Sell Your House Stress-Free Before the Holidays

The holiday season will be here before you know it. If you’re considering selling soon, making it happen now rather than waiting until January may be your best move. Here are three key reasons why selling your home with Homeinc and closing by the new year is smart:

1. You’ll Beat the Settling that the Holidays Bring

The holidays are about comfort, family, and celebration – everything a home represents. Imagine walking into your new home this season with the smell of fresh pine wafting through the air, stockings hung above a crackling fire, and festive lights adorning your mantel. Picture your family gathered around a beautifully set table, laughing and bonding over holiday meals you prepared in your new, spacious kitchen. Envision cozy evenings cuddled up watching movies in your new living room after an evening strolling around the neighborhood to see the lights.

The perfect holiday memories start with the perfect home. By selling now, you can make sure your holidays are spent in the new home of your dreams.

2. Avoid the Stress of Deep Decluttering and Holiday Home Staging

Prepping and staging a home to sell is exhausting work, especially if you’re already burned out preparing for the holidays. Cleaning out closets, decluttering every room, and editing your furnishings is bad enough. Doing it all while also decorating for the holidays is pure chaos!

The good news is you can avoid much of this prep stress if you sell with Homeinc. From Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve, homes will be fully lived-in and decked out for the holidays inside and out. A little clutter and some holiday knick-knacks are a welcome sight.

So if you sell this season with Homeinc, you don’t have to deep clean and declutter or take down your holiday décor until after the new year when you’re ready to move. One less headache!

3. Capitalize on Motivated Holiday Buyers Willing to Pay Premium Prices

When it comes to investors, the end of the year is prime time to add a promising new property to their portfolios. Buying a home before the new year allows investors to get rental income flowing early in January when demand for leases spikes. Or if they plan to flip the home, they can complete renovations in winter when contractors are less busy and keen for work. Come spring, they’ll be ready to list that refreshed and updated home for top dollar in the peak sales season.

The holidays are also when investor buyers have cash on hand from end-of-year bonuses and travel budget savings. If your home meets an investor’s criteria, they may be eager to close fast and could negotiate on price, especially if it helps them meet business tax deductions before the new year. As a seller, you hold leverage – investors want the instant equity your home provides. So don’t wait until January to list. Tap into buyer demand now and sell your home with confidence. The holidays can equal big rewards.

So tap into this holiday nesting mindset while it lasts! Don’t gamble on pricing or prep stress after the new year. Contact Homeinc today to sell your home fast and stress-free. Let us take the hassle out of selling so you can enjoy the holidays.

Jonathan comes to Homeinc from the construction and property rehab industry. With his vast experience, he is able to provide value to both sellers and buyers. Jonathan’s favorite part of working at Homeinc is the close bond that he has formed with his team. He enjoys the accountability that his coworkers provide as well as the knowledge that they share. When not at work, Jonathan enjoys reading, trying different foods and checking out new places all over South Florida. Jonathan is a great addition to Homeinc!

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