Selling Your Florida Home with Water Damage to a Cash Buyer

If you live in South Florida, there is a good chance that you have experienced a hurricane or tropical storm – maybe more than once or twice for that matter. Flooding caused by heavy torrential rainfall is a common occurrence and a source of costly water damage in many homes located in the hardest-hit areas. In addition to severe storms, there are other factors that can lead to water damage in a home such as broken pipes, clogged drains and faulty drainage systems.

Nationwide, 40% of all homeowners have experienced water damage at one point or another. Furthermore, if standing water is not removed in a timely fashion, it can lead to mildew, mold and wood rot. If you have recently experienced similar circumstances and have decided to sell your home because of the costly damage repair, Homeinc can help by paying cash for your property. Since Homeinc purchases properties in ‘as-is’ condition with cash, this eliminates the hoops you would need to jump through on appraisals and home inspections.

Are You Required to Disclose Water Damage When Selling Your Home?

Unlike some other states, the state of Florida does not have strict regulatory or statutory requirements for disclosing water damage. However, if you have knowledge of the water damage and do not disclose it- it could lead to issues in the future. Whether you list your home with a realtor or work with Homeinc, it is important to be honest and forthcoming with the condition of your house. As South Florida’s leading cash-for-homes company, Homeinc purchases homes with water damage.

How do You benefit from Selling Your Home to Homeinc?

If you know there is existing water damage in your home and you do not want to pay for potentially costly repairs, Homeinc is a great option. Homeinc purchases properties in ‘as-is’ condition. Whether the damage is new, old, or ongoing, we have the resources to handle it. By purchasing your home in AS-IS condition, you’ll enjoy these additional benefits of working with Homeinc:

  • Close Within 5 to 7 Days (Unless You Prefer a Longer Closing Timeline)
  • Low Closing Costs
  • NO Appraisals or Home Inspections
  • NO Maintenance, Renovations, Repairs, or Upgrades Required
  • WE pay cash, There is No Need for Financing or Loan Approvals

Homeinc experts are available to walk you through the entire process step by step. For your free property analysis, text or call the Homeinc team today to get started at (888) 850-2636.

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