The Best Option to Sell Your House

The best option to sell your house depends on your necessities and conditions of your property. While selling with a real estate agent can be a great option you might find that selling through a wholesale company like Homeinc might the way to go. Consider the following before deciding what makes sense for you when the time comes to sell your home.

Is your home in market-ready condition?

If the answer is yes or if it needs very little work, you could consider working with a real estate agent. Just remember that in order to stand out to potential homeowners on the Multiple Listing Seller, your house usually needs to be in move-in condition.  Market-ready may mean a full list of renovations, but it could also mean doing some paint touch-ups depending on the condition of your home. Some homeowners see the opportunity to make more money by getting their house into market-ready condition.
Depending on your needs it should be clear whether you should stick with a real estate agent or consider alternatives.

If your house needs work

If you think your house needs more work than what you’re willing to invest you should consider selling as-is. If your house does not have a modern up to date feel or if it needs repairs, it could take a long time to sell. Houses that sit on the market for a long time are typically sold at a steep discount.

  • Wholesalers: They serve as middlemen between you and a property investor who will ultimately acquire your home after a wholesaler assigns it to them. Homeinc is the perfect company for this situation. We can offer a competitive offer for your house without the need for you to worry about costly expenses.
  • iBuyers: are typically companies who buy homes directly from owners in a speedy fashion.


Whatever situation you are facing, you should do what’s best for you. That means focusing on what you can control, whether it’s using a real estate agent or wholesaler. Find a trustworthy team like Homeinc that provides you with the best potential outcome for your situation.

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