The Main Reasons why People Sell their House

The main reasons why people sell their house can be many but there’s a few main ones we’d like to discuss. Even though majority of home owners expect to settle down and live at their house for decades, different occurrences can happen and change the trajectory of their plans.

There’s many circumstances why people might need to sell and move to a new place, but this is a list of the main reasons why people sell their house. There’s a few recurring patterns that the real estate agents have caught on about why home owners decide to sell and move out. Let’s review four of the main ones.

  1. Financial Situation

    Buying a home is much more than just locking in an “x” amount of time of a mortgage and living comfortably for that period of time. Circumstances can change overnight. Or sometimes, people even buy a home that they can’t afford.
    If your bills are taking more than 75% of your income, whether it’s due to a medical condition, career change, new job, etc., your finances can become harder to sustain. Additionally if your house is too big, it may require more maintenance which can translate into costly repairs that will affect your financial stability. In this case downsizing may be a good decision and Homeinc can help you sell and find a new place for yourself.

  2. Divorce

    Selling a home during the period of a divorce can be a hard process. Most couples decide to sell their home and split the assets since it makes more sense to start fresh in a new place than having one of the spouses living in a place that originally was meant for two. It may also make it harder to live in a space where so many memories were created since homes tend to have sentimental value, so it might be a good idea to sell the home and leave those past memories behind. So regardless of the financial situation, putting that house for sale may be the best thing to do.

  3. Inheritance

    Selling a home might be the best course of action for home owners who inherited a property. While owning an inherited property has amazing tax breaks, some people prefer to simply sell it for a number of reasons like having to maintain it or deal with additional repairs. Selling an inherited home can be more time consuming since the owner has to go through lengthy legal processes. Luckily the agents at Homeinc can help you sell your inherited home in an easy, stress-free way.

  4. Lifestyle

    A change in one’s lifestyle is a major reason people sell their home because it might involve a time for change. Retirement or having an empty nest can be a good excuse to find a new place if you want tp downsize, and shift to something with less space. You can minimize maintenance costs, take on a lower mortgage, and spend those funds doing something you truly enjoy.

    Regardless of the situation you’re in Homeinc is ready to help you out with the process. Call one of our agents today (888) 850-2636 to get an instant cash offer.

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