How can I sell my house for cash?

There is an easy and quick way to sell your home for cash. You won’t need a realtor and you won’t need to make repairs. When you work with Homeinc, selling your home for cash will also be profitable.

The first step to take that will put you close to selling your home within as few as five days is to call Homeinc at (888) 850-2636. Our experienced acquisition manager will discuss your property and analyze what it is worth. This analysis typically takes into consideration its age, whether it needs repairs, any complications in its ownership, and its position within the market. This professional analysis is completely free of cost to you.

Within minutes, you receive a real cash offer for your property that you are under no obligation to accept. If you accept Homeinc’s cash offer, we send you a contract in whatever way is most convenient for you – email, express mail, or hand delivery.When you receive the contract, you will see that it specifies that Homeinc is buying your property “as-is”. We will do all the repairs, handle any code violations and liens, and pay any probate costs all while offering you a cash sale.

Then, you will need to choose the closing date of the cash sale of your property. All Homeinc closings are handled through a licensed title company and escrow agent. You will not have any closing costs or pay any commission. At closing, the cash for your property is wired directly into your bank account.

Selling Your Home to Homeinc is Faster and Less Expensive than Working with a Realtor. Here’s Why:

  • You Sell Faster
  • No Repairs or Updates are Required
  • You Close Faster on a Date of Your Choosing
  • You Keep More Money from the Sale of Your Home

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