10 Ways To Deal With Squatters In Your Florida Property

What are Squatters Rights in Florida?

10 Ways To Deal With Squatters In Your Florida Property

Unlawful occupants, commonly known as squatters, can pose significant challenges for property owners. If you find yourself facing this issue, here are 10 tips that will help you deal with them – plus 2 bonus tips at the end!  


  1. Prevention is Key

Preventing squatters from establishing themselves on your property is far simpler than attempting their removal once they have settled in. Regular property inspections, robust security measures, and swift responses to vacancies can deter squatters effectively. The cost of dealing with squatters can skyrocket, making preventative measures a wise investment. 


  1. Seek Legal Counsel

If squatters have already taken up residence, it’s imperative to seek legal advice immediately. Engaging with squatters without legal guidance can inadvertently bolster their rights or lead to accusations of harassment or illegal eviction. 


  1. Adhere to Legal Procedures

Removing squatters lawfully requires following the prescribed eviction process in your area, typically involving serving notices, court proceedings, and possibly involving law enforcement. This process can be complex and challenging. 


  1. Document Everything

Maintaining detailed records of all interactions, damages, and costs can prove beneficial if you need to go to court or file an insurance claim. It’s also advisable to obtain a property appraisal before and after squatter removal to document any property value depreciation. 


  1. Consider Selling

If dealing with squatters becomes overwhelming, selling your property might be an option. Consult a legal advisor before proceeding, as selling with tenants requires careful consideration. You may also explore selling the property “as is.” 


  1. Strengthen Security Measures

After regaining control of your property, bolster its security with robust locks, security cameras, and alarm systems. Regular inspections can help detect signs of unauthorized entry. 


  1. Maintain Occupancy

A vacant property can attract squatters. If you’re not residing in the property, consider hiring a property manager or renting it out to maintain occupancy. 


  1. Insure Your Property

Comprehensive insurance coverage can serve as a financial safety net in case of squatter-related damages or legal fees associated with eviction. 


  1. Communicate With Neighbors

Engage with your local community as an added security layer. Neighbors can notify you or the authorities of any suspicious activities on your property. 


  1. Maintain Property Appearance: Regularly maintaining your property’s appearance can deter squatters. An unkempt property signals vacancy and invites unwelcome visitors.


After successfully evicting squatters, it is important to promptly remove any remnants or belongings they left behind to discourage their return.  


Bonus Tip: Explore Cash Sale Options  

Selling your property to a cash buyer can expedite the process and handle the eviction on your behalf. Here at Homeinc, we are dedicated to assisting property owners in navigating the complexities of real estate ownership, providing valuable resources for various property-related challenges. For additional guidance, contact our team on 888.850.2636.



*Please note that this article is for informational purposes only and does not represent legal advice. Please consult a licensed attorney who will evaluate your case individually.  ** Before taking any action, it’s crucial to understand the concept of squatter’s rights, also referred to as “adverse possession”. Such rights will vary depending on jurisdiction and are usually related to certain conditions met by the occupant.  


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