How Can I Sell an Inherited Property Fast?

Homeowners often approach the cash-for-houses specialists at Homeinc with many reasons for selling their homes for cash, one of which is because they’ve inherited an unwanted piece of property.  Inheriting a property can involve a mix of emotions, whether it’s a solemn reminder of a loved one’s passing or an unexpected windfall.  But when it creates an unwelcome financial burden, it’s an entirely different story.  With so much to consider in these circumstances, it’s no wonder that so many individuals choose to sell the inherited property namely selling the home and split the profit amongst the heirs.

Regardless of the condition and price range of the inherited property, a Homeinc licensed agent can help you through the complicated probate process.

If you choose to not work with Homeinc, here is what you can expect.

  • Determine where things stand – be sure you understand what you’re up against. Start by reviewing any mortgage documents to see if the previous homeowner was in arrears on their payments and bring the account current as soon as you can. Run a title search so you don’t have any unpleasant surprises like a home equity line of credit (HELOC) of unpaid property taxes.  Furthermore, you’ll need to figure out how the property will be transferred over to you (e.g., living trust, probate, or Transfer on Death Deed. The probate can be lengthy and complicated. Homeinc works with probate clients every single day. Let the professionals of Homeinc help you with you inherited property.
  • Choose someone to legally represent you – it’s the only way you can move forward on the sale of the home. The deceased may have already named this person as the executor in their will.  If they haven’t, all heirs to the property will have to agree on who is going to represent them.  It needs to be a person who is equipped to deal with all of the legal paperwork involved. Homeinc has worked with many probate attorneys and is comfortable handling the process for you.
  • Decide on how you’re going to sell the home – once you’ve emptied the home of all its contents, you’ll need to consider your options for selling the home.

You have 3 choices where this is concerned:

  • Sell it FSBO (For sale by Owner)
  • List it with a Realtor
  • Call or Text Homeinc today. Our team is comprised of licensed real estate agents all familiar with the probate process. 1-888-850-2636.

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