How to Avoid a Foreclosure on My Home in Florida?

How to Avoid a Foreclosure on My Home in Florida? If this is question you keep asking yourself, ask no more! Homeinc is here to Help!

What is a foreclosure?

Foreclosure is when a property has gone through a process where there are past due payments and the lender will sell the property at a foreclosure auction to recoup their loss and get the home loan off their books.


I received a notice of default and need to stop my foreclosure… but how?

If your bank is foreclosing your home now or if you are in mortgage forbearance, behind your payments, or in pre-foreclosure, selling your house to a cash buyer can be a great idea. Here at Homeinc, we buy the house as-is, with no need for extended showings, loan approvals, inspections, or any other parts involved in a usual real estate transaction. We don’t even need you to do any repairs or clean-ups!

In this process, every day counts. Once you contact us, we will visit your house and make a cash offer to buy your home right away. And if you home increased in value compared to your mortgage, our offer may be able to cover your debts, pay back your lender, and stop the pre-foreclosure or foreclosure process. If you still own your home, act now – there’s still time to stop it being foreclosed!


Can selling my pre-foreclosure home to Homeinc help my credit?

Yes, this might be possible. If you sell your house to Homeinc, you can ask your lender to report the debt to credit bureau as “paid in full”. This will avoid your credit being affected as in a full foreclosure.

The longer you stay in forbearance and miss payments, the more problems you will have with your credit. If you are unable to catch up with your payments, generally the sooner you are able to sell your house, the more you can protect your current and future credit score.


If you are behind your mortgage payments, don’t wait! Contact us now at 888-850-2636 and one of our licensed agents will help you understand your options before it’s too late.

We are so excited to have Paula on the Homeinc team. Paula is an attorney by trade but has been working in real estate for the past decade. Her experience spans a variety of channels across the United States. Paula looks forward to sharing her knowledge and experiences with both buyers and sellers alike. Her favorite part of working at Homeinc is the dynamic work environment and the possibility of learning something new every single day. When not at work, Paula enjoys cross fitting, traveling, reading and spending time outdoors with her husband and son.

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