Selling a Home for Cash with Code Violations

Selling a Home for Cash with Code Violations

Whether you need to sell a bungalow on a tree-line street, a ranch style home in an established area, or a recently-built home in a newer subdivision, a pre-listing home inspection could potentially reveal some code violations.  Not to worry.  Although this may come as a shock to you, selling a home for cash with code violations is possible, especially if you work with Homeinc, the premier cash-for-homes company throughout the state of Florida.

Code Violations are Not Uncommon

It’s true – code violations are more common than you might think.  Most DIY home repairs, remodels, and renovations have some type of code violations.  In fact, they are very common.  Even some contractors are subject to them.  One of the more frequent issues is the lack of proper permits.  If you are up against code violations but need to sell your home fast, Homeinc can help.  Homeinc purchases homes with code violations and brings them up to code by fixing the issues.

What are the Most Common Code Violations?

Most cities and municipal areas have an established set of building codes for residential construction.  They are developed and updated by the ICC (International Code Council) and collectively referred to as the IRC or International Residential Code.  As technology evolves, these codes often change over time, thereby making it extremely difficult for homeowners to keep up with them.

Consequently, something that was considered up to code and safe a few years ago might not be the case any longer.  Here are the most common code violations discovered in home inspections and that Homeinc has dealt with in the past:

  • defective or missing GFCI’s (ground-fault circuit interrupters)
  • faulty or missing deck flashing
  • handrails without returns
  • improper bathroom venting into the attic instead of outside
  • improperly placed or missing smoke alarms
  • overloaded electrical panels that could start a fire
  • polybutylene piping that can crack and swell, eventually causing flooding

These are not all the code violations that can cost a lot to be corrected. In addition to the more common violations above, there are other areas of your home where code violations might be found including:

  • lack of egress windows in basement
  • missing water heater expansion tanks
  • post-construction room additions
  • remodeling and renovations done without pulling permits
  • remodels that fail to meet the current standards
  • roof pitch isn’t steep enough
  • windows don’t meet local housing standards

We understand your requirements and the need to sell your house quickly. Let the team at Homeinc help you today. For additional information about selling a home with code violations for cash, contact Homeinc today at (888) 850-2636.

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